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100 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media South Korea

The resistivity of the aluminium oxide sandblasting furnace core is greatly affected by the material of the furnace core and the burden. The core resistivity of black SiC furnace without salt is higher than that of green SiC furnace with more salt. The core resistivity of the furnace with more return charge is smaller than that of the aluminium oxide blasting grit furnace with less or no return charge.

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The filling density of the furnace core also affects the resistance of the high purity fused aluminum oxide furnace core, which is smaller when compacted than when it is free and loose. In the process of silicon carbide smelting, the resistivity of furnace core is a function of power transmission time. Therefore, the resistance of furnace core is also a function of aluminium oxide blasting power transmission time. Similarly, the resistance at the later stage of 24 hours is the basis of the lower limit voltage of the transformer.

(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media south korea)According to the brown fused alumina practice, the resistance of the furnace core is not stable at the initial stage of power transmission. After one hour of power transmission, the resistance tends to be stable and the resistance furnace approaches or reaches the rated power. At this time, the resistance serves as the basis for the upper limit voltage of the transformer. The fused aluminum oxide effect is more significant when there are more impurities in the recycle material.

The average resistance in the process of aluminum oxide for sand blaster power transmission is the basis for calculating the average current and estimating the active power loss of electrodes and buses. After determining the resistance of furnace core, the working current and voltage of resistance furnace can be calculated according to table 1-59. There are two processing methods for refining artificial corundum in China, one is new material method, the other is baking material method.

(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media south korea)In the melting and burning method, the new brown aluminum oxide material is first installed at the bottom and both sides of the resistance furnace to compensate for burning, remove the volatile components in the coke and sinter into larger particles. Then put the obtained material into the next furnace reaction zone for tempering. Due to the agglomeration of aluminum oxide blasting abrasive and coke particles into porous particles, the charge has better air permeability.

The average resistance is calculated by the average resistivity. Most of the volatiles of coke are eliminated after the black alumina culture and burning, and some of the intermediate products are used, which is beneficial to the increase of furnace production. In the new material method, the new material is directly installed in the reaction zone of the resistance furnace to treat and refine black aluminum oxide media. There is a certain amount of salt in the melting material.(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media south korea)

However, the composition of each furnace's baking material fluctuates greatly, so that the brown aluminium oxide furnace's material formula must be readjusted. According to its position, the furnace charge can be divided into reaction charge and heat preservation charge. Therefore, more stable charge formula, the amount of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit added to the reactant prepared with the compensation material is less than that of the new material method.

Generally, only a few specific time core resistances are calculated. In addition, the aluminium oxide abrasive grit baking materials from one furnace should be just enough for the next furnace, otherwise, the mixing of different furnace firing materials will affect the correctness of formula adjustment and the quality of products. The new charge method has less fluctuation of charge composition, and synthetic corundum price more stable product quality compared with the loss burning method.

(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media south korea)Combining the pink aluminium oxide advantages and disadvantages of the two production processes, the new material method is more suitable for black silicon carbide, while the baking material method is more suitable for green silicon carbide. Charge layout refers to the distribution of charge composed of different recipes in the alumina grit smelting furnace. Formula refers to the proportion, type and quantity of raw materials that make up a certain charge.

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