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100 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Suppliers Ireland

Save corporate costs. In the prior art, many hardware products companies use brown corundum and white corundum as polishing materials. Generally, brown gelatin or white glass is used as a binder. Adhere to the cloth wheel for polishing. Abrasive recycling can be used to recycle abrasives well, put them into reuse, solve the problem of abrasive waste, and save costs for processing enterprises.

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During the polishing process, most of the brown fused alumina or white corundum particles did not work and did not contact the workpiece, but because the adhesive was not strong, they fell off on the cloth wheel in a block shape and became industrial waste. During the polishing process, the particles are rubbed and impacted with the workpiece at high speed, and they break up into smaller particles and become garbage, black synthetic corundum which has not been recycled.

The brown aluminum oxide recovery method generally adopts the following steps: collect, clean the work site, collect all garbage, and store it in a dry warehouse; remove the binder, and put the garbage containing brown corundum, binder, and fine iron filings into a container Soak in clear water, hydrolyze the dried adhesive, aluminium oxide blasting grit put the hydrolyzed porridge in the container, stir with water, and make the adhesive fully diluted.

After drying, remove larger debris with a sieve; corundum white or white corundum with non-uniform grain size can be divided into standard grain sizes through screening, and can be packed separately. Adopting the above recycling method has the following beneficial effects: simple operation, safe and reliable, low investment, low cost, good quality of the recycled aluminum oxide blasting abrasive product, reusable, and repeated recycling.

Only a small amount of brown corundum or white corundum. Dry and rough sort. Sprinkle the washed brown corundum or aluminium oxide abrasive grit iron scraps and debris mixture on the ground and dry it. Corundum brown corundum is smelted from bauxite, iron filings and coke in an electric arc furnace at a high temperature of 2050 ° C. Then abrasive media suppliers pour off the water containing the adhesive, rinse it several times, and wash Up to the adhesive;

When it is used to produce fused aluminum oxide, it also has to go through high-energy and high-polluting processes such as post-treatment of the ceramic plating process, crushing, and screening. Ceramic abrasive wheels, cutting blades and other consolidated abrasive tools are made of brown corundum abrasive, while there are many discarded ceramic abrasive wheels, cutting blades, etc. There are 70,000 discarded wheels every year after domestic production and 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media processing Ton.

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