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100 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Wholesale Price

The commonly used crushing methods are roller, ball mill, BMK, rod mill, self-mill and cone crusher. Due to the high toughness of arc fused alumina, rod mills and cone crushers have poor crushing capacity, large maintenance, particle shape and fused alumina bulk density equivalent to ball mills; self-mills have large investment scales, and have large amounts of material in the production process.

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Bulk density is not better than that of rod mills, so in recent years, most brown aluminium oxide processing companies have mainly used roller, ball mill and BMK.According to the different crushing methods, the size of the corundum brown corundum varies greatly. For the brown corundum abrasive used in the manufacture of coated abrasives, the quality of the fused aluminium oxide is mainly reflected in the two indicators of bulk density and toughness.

Because these two indicators are related, the bulk density is high, the toughness of the abrasive is high, and the particle size composition is easy to concentrate. Different crushing methods have different effects on bulk density, toughness and hydrophilicity. So it is still the largest abrasive used in aluminium oxide grit suppliers abrasive belt production. Spread charcoal in the trench, the amount depends on the size of the furnace, but it must be spread tightly to ensure good contact.

Therefore, the white fused alumina should have certain toughness to ensure the cutting ability of the abrasive grain cutting edge, and it can sharpen itself when the abrasive grain cutting edge is blunt, showing a certain self-sharpness, so as to obtain good Grinding effect. Therefore, the concept of toughness embodies a number of white aluminum oxide blast media physical and chemical properties. Our country's economy is gradually becoming stronger.

The competitiveness among enterprises is also constantly improving, so adjusting the industrial structure to achieve low-carbon environmental protection and energy saving will have to be on the agenda. As any segment of the industrial chain, every energy saving measure we take and every small upgrade will contribute to China's low-carbon economy and bring huge benefits to society and the aluminium oxide blasting industry.

If China continues to follow the white aluminum oxide extensive economy with high energy consumption and high pollution, It will be a dead end. Take the current brown sapphire smelting, if you can scientifically classify and match the particle size of the bauxite in front of the furnace under the premise of the current quality of our bauxite, adjust the smelting current at the appropriate time during smelting, and smelt one ton of white fused aluminum oxide.

If you save 100 kWh of electricity, then 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight based on China's annual output of 2 million tons of output, you can save 200 million kWh of electricity, that is, 80,800 tons of standard coal, and reduce 212,800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The standard coal is more than 20,000 tons. The number is huge enough to arouse the attention and action of our white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit!

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