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The relative molecular mass of rAl2O3 is 101.96, and the chemical properties of best alumium oxide for glass blasting crystals are stable. It can be eroded by hydrofluoric acid, potassium hydroxide and phosphoric acid above 300 ℃. Different metals have a large difference in the degree of aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit infiltration. Tin, lead, zinc, aluminum, silver, nickel, nickel alloys, diamonds, copper, and some ferrous alloys have infiltration angles greater than 90 °.

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Iron, iron-manganese and iron-chromium alloys, The wetting angle of garnet abrasive manganese, copper, diamond, nickel, nickel-titanium alloy is not more than 90 °. Sometimes the atmosphere (including vacuum) and impurities in corundum also affect the wettability. Corundum does not react with molybdenum, nickel, saw, weakly react with titanium at 1600 ° C; weakly react with silicon at 1400 ° C; titanium and brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh wrinkles in nitrogen at 1400 ~ 1800 ° C.

At 1550 ~ 1600 ℃, the infiltration angle of iron to white fused alumina is 119 °. With 2%, 30% and 70% MgO in corundum, the infiltration angles were 101 °, 99 ° and 95 °, respectively. The milled polycrystalline corundum sample was impregnated with a mixture of 250 ° C coal tar pitch and 10% Italian oil. When the density of the hot pitch was 1.050 g / cm2, the silicon carbide 180 grit viscosity was 0.016 Pa · s, and the surface tension was 32 MJ / (m2 · h), the wetting angle is close to zero (less than 10 °).

The wettability of the different edges of garnet suppliers crystals decreases in the following order: (000) → (1012) → (1010). The infiltration angle 0 of the multi-chip is between the included angles of the edges. The crystal is shrunk from 10 ~ 30pm to 1 ~ 5um, and the crystal plane is roughened, and the angle e is increased. The ability of 46 grit aluminum oxide to interact with different metals and compounds depends on their nature and reagent properties.

May react weakly with palladium and wrinkles at 1800 ° C; intensify the white aluminum oxide reaction at 1600 ° C and generate Al2O3 and mullite; 1600 ° C with zirconium Weak reaction; ZrO2 was formed violently at 1800 ℃. At 1500 ° C, when non-porous sintered corundum is in contact with various additives powder, it also reacts under adverse kinetic conditions; 1200 grit aluminum oxide does not react with MgO, ZrO2, ZnO2, SiO2, TiO2, but with NiO, CaO , Co2O2, Fe2O3 and FesO have weak reactions.

The thermal conductivity of glass bead blasting media suppliers crystal is good, especially at low temperature, and even better than that of copper. The dispersion, reflectance and absorption coefficient of corundum are also related to wavelength. It is not corroded by acids and alkalis at normal temperature and is insoluble in water. At 1600 ° C, 100 grit aluminum oxide media does not react with MgO, ZnO, SiO2 and ZrO2. Weakly reacts with NiO, CaO, Co2O3, Fe2O3 and TiO2, and reacts violently with FeeO.

At 1750 ° C, white corundum is associated with MgO, ZnO and ZrO. The reaction is still weak, reacts strongly with NiO and SiO2, reacts with CaO, CoaO3, Fe2O3, FeaO2 and TiO2 and is destroyed. Below 1070 ℃, steel grid has no reaction with Na2CO; no reaction with CaCO below 1100 ℃; no reaction with K2CO below 1110 ℃. No reaction with NaOH at 540 ℃; no reaction with KOH at 580 ℃; no reaction with Ca (OH) 2 at 1100 ℃.

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