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In other words, vulcanization refers to the steel grid process of cross-linking rubber linear molecules into a network or body structure under certain conditions. After vulcanization and cross-linking, a series of property changes occur. For example, the rubber loses its plasticity and solubility, and its strength, fused aluminium oxide hardness, heat resistance and chemical stability are improved.

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The elasticity decreases as the cross-linking density increases. The vulcanization crosslink density is determined by the amount of rubber and sulfur. When the amount of sulfur is very small (less than 3%), the cross-linking density of rubber vulcanization is very small, and the vulcanizate can deform greatly under the action of external force. After black silicon carbide factory removing the external force, it can completely recover to its original state.(100 grit aluminum oxide media manufacturers usa)

The styrene-butadiene rubber vulcanizate has relatively low tensile strength and elongation. Only after adding white fused alumina reinforcing agents such as carbon black and hard clay, can it have physical and mechanical properties. With the increase of sulfur content, the vulcanization crosslinking density of rubber also increases, the elastic deformation capacity of black fused alumina vulcanizates decreases, and the tensile strength and hardness gradually increase.

At this time, the white aluminum oxide vulcanizates are called "hard vulcanizates" or "hard "Rubber", vulcanized rubber between soft rubber and hard rubber is called semi-rigid rubber. Any chemical change in which the degree of polymerization of an organic polymer compound is significantly reduced and the chrome corundum molecular weight is significantly reduced is referred to as a "degradation reaction". Degradation reaction has both positive and negative effects on rubber.

(100 grit aluminum oxide media manufacturers usa)There are many factors that cause rubber degradation, including the white corundum interference of internal molecular structure and external conditions. Such as the effects of light, heat, oxygen and mechanical forces have a great impact on the use and storage of rubber. When rubber materials and their pink fused alumina products are stored or used in the air for a long time, they will deteriorate. This phenomenon is often called "aging".

The glass beads manufacturers main reason for aging is due to the oxidation of rubber by the oxygen in the air. Natural rubber is an elastic substance obtained by collecting and processing rubber-containing plants in nature. Quality vulcanizates "or" soft rubber ". The chemical reaction between black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media rubber and sulfur is called vulcanization. At room temperature, oxygen oxidizes rubber very slowly.(100 grit aluminum oxide media manufacturers usa)

As a result of oxidation, some rubbers have molecular cracking, the degree of polymerization is reduced, the raw rubber is soft and sticky, garnet abrasive price and mechanical properties are lost; some rubbers undergo intermolecular cross-linking after cracking, and the raw rubber becomes hard and brittle, and black aluminum oxide blast media loses elasticity. However, if heat, light or ozone is present, the oxidation reaction will accelerate.

Rubber degrades under the combined action of heat and oxygen, glass bead abrasive called "thermal oxidative degradation"; degradation under the combined action of light and oxygen, is called "photooxidative degradation": Degradation under the action of ozone is called "ozonation degradation". There are many rubber-containing plants in nature, such as Hevea brasiliensis, aluminium oxide 36 grit Heterophyllum rubber, Rubber grass, Eucommia ulmoides and so on.(100 grit aluminum oxide media manufacturers usa)

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