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100 Grit Aluminum Oxide Media Manufacturers

Nowadays, with the development of technology, high-hardness materials are emerging one after another, and the requirements for brown aluminum oxide abrasives in various industries are getting higher and higher. Special brown corundum such as iron-plated brown corundum, pickled brown corundum, calcined brown corundum, chemically coated brown corundum, etc. have begun to slowly enter people's sight.

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So what is the significance of the iron plating treatment of brown fused alumina abrasive? The iron plating treatment of brown corundum abrasive is a production process of brown corundum plating treatment using ferrous sulfate and mineralizer as plating solution. Compared with general pink aluminium oxide abrasive, the amount of grinding and sand removal after iron plating treatment And the indicators of the grinding effect are due to ordinary products.

(100 grit aluminum oxide media manufacturers)The amount of pure calcium white corundum cement should be strictly controlled, generally 5% to 8%. Adding too much amount will greatly reduce the high temperature performance of the castable. This type of castable is used as an integral lining for continuous casting ladle. Put the white fused aluminium oxide abrasive abrasive into the mixing pot. The service life fluctuates depending on the conditions of use, generally 80 to 120 heats. 

The general physical and chemical properties of agglomerated silicon carbide abrasive castables are as follows: chemical composition: A'203 68% - 76%, Mg 0 6% - 8%, after drying (110c · 24 h), the bulk density is 2.80 - 2.95 dream c , compressive strength 30-50 MPa, flexural strength 5-10 MPa, 1500`jC x 3 h post-burning bulk density 2.70-2.90 cm3, compressive strength 40-80 MPa, flexural strength 8-12 MPa, line The rate of pink fused alumina change is 0.5%.

(100 grit aluminum oxide media manufacturers)Ordinary green silicon carbide castables are composed of special grade or first grade high alumina bauxite aggregates and powders (from a few > 85%) and sintered magnesia powder (MgO > 92%). The hydration combined castable substrate is composed of sintered spinel powder, extra high fused aluminium oxide clinker powder (or corundum powder), pure calcium aluminate cement and a trace amount of dispersant.

The black silicon carbide matching plating solution is generally made up of one part of ferrous sulfate, one part of alkali metal salt mineralizer and five parts of water. The amount of plating solution is 1% of the weight of brown fused alumina. Just, pour the plating solution into the white alumina powder mixing pot, mix for about 10-15 minutes, and then place the abrasive in a dry box and dry at 180-200 °C.(100 grit aluminum oxide media manufacturers)

Plating the brown fused alumina abrasive can improve the performance of the brown fused alumina and enhance the use of the product. Although the product cost is increased, the cost performance of the brown fused alumina is still worthwhile. After the drying is completed, the treated brown fused alumina abrasive is subjected to a heat treatment for two hours in a muffle furnace, the heat treatment temperature is set to about 800 ° C, and then the treated 46 grit aluminum oxide abrasive is screened.

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