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100 Grit Aluminum Oxide Media Wholesale Russia

In the manufacturing process of aluminium oxide blasting tools, it is called the forming of abrasive tools to make the shaped material into a green body with a certain shape and strength by a certain method. The density and hardness of the abrasives made by the water pouring molding method are uniform, and the alumina abrasive equipment and the tool mould are simple and the investment is small. 

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The commonly used forming methods in the production of aluminum oxide blasting abrasive tools are as follows: the molding material containing about 3% moisture is pressurized in the mold to make the molding material into a certain shape of the body. Press forming is also called semi dry forming. According to the different ways of aluminum oxide abrasive media pressurization, it can be divided into hand ramming, hand pressing, machine pressing, isostatic pressing and vibration forming.

(100 grit aluminum oxide media wholesale russia)The commonly used white fused alumina particle size range is F12 ~ F150 (over fine-grained machine press forming is easy to produce body crack and delamination), which can press all kinds of abrasives with different hardness. It has the advantages of small water content, short production cycle, high utilization rate of raw materials and controllable abrasive structure number. The disadvantage is the consumption of aluminum oxide 40 grit raw materials and long production cycle.

The disadvantage of press forming is that it needs all kinds of presses and dies with large investment. When the fused aluminum oxide equipment is insufficient, the forming of large grinding wheel and high-thickness grinding wheel can be done by hand, but this method has high labor intensity and the quality of grinding tools is not easy to guarantee. In the production of modern aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive tools, hand ramming can only be used as an auxiliary means to form high thickness grinding wheels.

(100 grit aluminum oxide media wholesale russia)Machine press forming is suitable for all kinds of white aluminum oxide. The small grinding wheel and grinding head can be formed by hand pressing. Isostatic pressing is a new type of press forming, which uses semi-dry material or semi-dry powder and roughened forming material. It is suitable for the synthetic corundum price forming of high-thickness grinding wheel and can ensure that the forming density is evenly distributed along the thickness of grinding wheel.

It can improve the uniformity of the density of the aluminium oxide blasting grit high-thickness grinding wheel and be used for the forming of the high-thickness grinding wheel and the fine-grained grinding wheel. Pouring molding is to use the forming material of fluid, which is injected into the mold, and then cemented to become the rough grinding tool. The key of forming is to make the alumina grit tools have uniform structure and no crack, delamination and other defects.(100 grit aluminum oxide media wholesale russia)

According to the different media used, the white corundum pouring process can be divided into water pouring and hot wax injection. Using water as the medium is called water pouring molding, and using paraffin and oleic acid as the medium is called hot wax injection molding. Water pouring molding is applicable to fine-grained aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit (such as thread grinding wheel, honing grinding stone, ultra precision grinding stone, etc.) with uniform density.

(100 grit aluminum oxide media wholesale russia)Vibration forming is also a new forming method. The artificial corundum molding material is placed in the mold, the pressing plate is placed after flattening, and the material is vibrated with high frequency vibration to achieve a certain forming density. The specification range of the abrasives is 80-1100mm in diameter, 3-250mm in thickness and f150-fl200 in particle size. The black aluminum oxide media press forming with press (hydraulic press or hydraulic press) is the most widely used forming method.

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