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100 Grit Aluminum Oxide Media Wholesale Suppliers

According to the dedusting method, the aluminum oxide abrasive dust cleaning device can be divided into wet type and dry type. The principle of warm dedusting is to wash the dust with water, so that the dust will be removed with water deposition. Such equipment includes venturi scrubber, wet electrostatic precipitator, etc. In dry dedusting, the moisture content of dust is less than 12%. Such fused aluminium oxide equipment includes cyclone, bag and dry electrostatic precipitator.

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Generally, small and medium-sized electric furnaces can use cyclone, bag filter or venturi scrubber, white fused alumina while large furnaces use electrostatic precipitator. The conveying equipment for raw materials of corundum electric furnace mainly includes belt conveyor, bucket elevator and pneumatic conveying equipment. Belt conveyor is a kind of continuous conveying white alumina powder machine with strong adaptability and wide application.(100 grit aluminum oxide media wholesale suppliers)

It can also transport block materials such as silicon carbide price and corundum. It can be used not only for horizontal conveying, but also for upward or downward conveying with inclination (generally no more than 18 °). The conveying distance can be long or short, and the operation is convenient, the maintenance is easy, the noise is low, and the unit power consumption is small. The disadvantage is that the dust flying is large when transporting fine materials.

(100 grit aluminum oxide media wholesale suppliers)The white aluminum oxide belt conveyor uses cotton belt, belt, plastic belt and metal wire woven belt. Belt conveyor is often used to transport corundum raw materials. Bucket elevator is a kind of flexible traction component such as chain or belt. Steel bucket is installed every certain interval. The white aluminum oxide blast media material is lifted and transported in the bucket. Its transportation mode can be vertical or inclined. It can be used to transport bulk powder materials, such as iron filings, etc.

The advantages of the utility model are small land occupation, compact layout of the green carborundum conveying system, large lifting height, good sealing performance, etc. The disadvantage is that the sensitivity of overload is large, the bucket and traction mechanism are easy to be damaged, and the dust at the outlet is large. Pneumatic conveying is a kind of conveying method that takes the moving airflow in the pipe as the power to send the 100 grit aluminum oxide media materials into the pipe to the designated place.

(100 grit aluminum oxide media wholesale suppliers)According to the pressure in the conveying pipe is lower or higher than brown aluminium oxide atmospheric pressure, pneumatic conveying can be divided into suction type and pressure type. According to the conveying mechanism, it can also be divided into plug flow pneumatic conveying and white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit suspension pneumatic conveying. Suspended pneumatic conveying relies on the kinetic energy of high-speed air flow. 

The pneumatic conveying of slug flow uses the silicon carbide companies static pressure of air flow in the pipe to push the slug to move. Pull the material suspended in the air flow to move. The advantages of pneumatic conveying are: small body size, flexible pipeline laying; high conveying efficiency, low labor intensity, less dust flying; simple aluminum oxide grit equipment, easy to manufacture and install; simple operation, easy to realize control automation.(100 grit aluminum oxide media wholesale suppliers)

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