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However, when the molten pool is too shallow(brown aluminium oxide), the furnace bottom will be scoured by the high temperature action of oxygen jet and the circulation of iron oxide, and there will be obvious pits in the center of furnace bottom and the joint of furnace bottom and hearth, which are relatively deep and even serious Steel leakage will occur(green carborundum). At the beginning of oxygen converter steelmaking in Japan, natural dolomite sand and stable dolomite sand are used as lining bricks.

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The refractories used in the oxygen converter village are mainly basic refractories containing carbon, such as tar dolomite brick, tar magnesia dolomite brick, tar magnesia brick(white alumina). Since the adoption of oxygen converter for steelmaking, magnesia and dolomite refractories have been widely used as furnace linings in various countries, or they are mixed for brick making(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). In the hearth area, i.e. the first layer of big bricks and the upper furnace lining are in the shape of obvious "steps".

When choosing refractories, we should not only meet the requirements of smelting process(black corundum), but also use them reasonably according to the resource situation, and constantly improve the raw material calcination and brick making technology, so as to adopt the best refractories and achieve the goal of long life and low consumption of the furnace(silicon carbide companies). Now it is still the main refractory used in the oxygen converter of Japanese wood, and it is widely used.

In addition, there are fire-resistant gunning coatings for gunning(pink corundum). It can be seen from the figure that the general trend is to lift the purity of raw materials, appropriately increase the content of magnesium oxide, improve the density of products and increase the residual phosphorus content. The quality of furnace lining brick is gradually improved and the variety is also increasing(silicon carbide 180 grit). The lining life has been greatly improved. Natural dolomite brick is still used in converter because of its low price.

The erosion is not serious, the damage of furnace bottom is relatively small, and the "bowl shape" is not too deep(silicon carbide price). The effect of high temperature heat flow comes from the liquid metal and slag, especially the high temperature of primary reaction zone, which makes the surface of furnace Village soften and melt(aluminum oxide blast media). However, spinel phase can not withstand the erosion of high dropping slag, good sintering, so it is only used in the furnace cap which is easy to crack. 

Although stable dolomite brick has good mechanical properties and can prevent hydration, it has a lot of impurities and poor slag resistance, which has been eliminated for a long time(brown fused alumina). In the early 1960s, e-ben successfully developed the synthetic magnesia dolomite sand(white aluminium oxide 180/220). The magnesia dolomite brick, which is made of tar and fired with this kind of raw material, has pure raw material, and greatly improved brick quality, magnesia carbon brick and various soaking bricks.

In addition, Japan also used magnesia and fused magnesia as raw materials in the special parts of the oxygen converter to make direct combination bricks and soaked bricks(brown aluminum oxide); the refractory bricks made of fused magnesia added to the right synthetic magnesia dolomite sand; and the magnesia carbon bricks made of dead burned high-purity magnesia and natural flake graphite with synthetic resin as binder, etc.(best alumium oxide for glass blasting), which also achieved good results.

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