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100 Grit Aluminum Oxide White Manufacturers Malaysia

In the early stage of thebrown fused alumina plant, the automatic reverse pulse bag type and filter cartridge type dust collectors are used to solve the environmental pollution caused by the dust produced in the process. The mechanical noise is mainly treated by shielding and absorption at the noise source of fixed equipment; the green silicon carbide gas noise is mainly treated by adding silencers at the air inlet and exhaust port.

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At present, noise pollution has been basically solved. In view of the water pollution of black aluminum oxide abrasive washing, we mainly use the zero discharge of water circulation to solve it; in the case of water pollution of abrasive pickling, we use high temperature treatment to replace pickling process to completely solve the white alumina powder water pollution after pickling. The coal used in the calcination and drying process will cause certain pollution to the atmosphere.

(100 grit aluminum oxide white manufacturers malaysia)We use coal to make gas to solve the original brown aluminum oxide coal drying process. In the use of gas furnace, we mainly carry out technical transformation of gas furnace to reduce coal consumption and improve coal efficiency, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. Work 350 days a year. The operation rate is 96%. After black silicon carbide grinding by ball mill, the qualified fine brown corundum sand is obtained.

The grinding process of brown corundum sand starts from receiving storage until the finished brown corundum sand is transported out. It includes receiving and storage of brown corundum sand, man bin of bucket elevator, grinding of ball mill, dust collection of cloth bag, and transportation of finished aluminum oxide grit. Acceptance and storage of corundum sand the corundum sand is transported to the receiving hopper by car.(100 grit aluminum oxide white manufacturers malaysia)

Or to the yard first. It is delivered to the receiving hopper by forklift. The receiving hopper is connected with the white corundum bucket elevator. Upgrade the corundum sand to the corundum sand raw material bin. The raw material bin of brown corundum sand is connected with the ball mill through a chute or through a flange. Feed the raw pink fused alumina materials from the feeding port of the ball mill to the ball mill. Grinding. Consider environmental requirements.

(100 grit aluminum oxide white manufacturers malaysia)The discharge end of the mill is provided with a bag dust collector. Qualified pink aluminum oxide sand milled by ball mill. Finish grinding operation. Four shifts and two operations are adopted. Or directly participate in ingredients. The powder is discharged through the discharge grate plate. Through the chute at the discharge end, the belt is transported to the material bin of the batching room. There is a raw material yard in the 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media grinding workshop.

At present, this brown fused aluminum oxide method is still the best choice for dust treatment. Extra straddle. One receiving hopper is configured. One bucket elevator. Ore (effective volume storage time 12h), 1 ball mill, 1 bag dust collector, 1 belt conveyor (or 1 bucket elevator). At the same time. Consider equipment maintenance and other fused aluminium oxide factors. The workshop is equipped with a 50t electric single beam suspension crane and a maintenance platform.

(100 grit aluminum oxide white manufacturers malaysia)Based on the analysis of the characteristics of silicon carbide abrasive sand used in pelletizing engineering, this paper studies and tests three kinds of equipment: roller, vertical mill and ball mill, and concludes that ball mill, as the main equipment of fine grinding, has more advantages in energy consumption, system flow and investment than the other two kinds of 150 grit aluminum oxide equipment. More appropriate and reasonable.

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