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100 Grit Aluminum Oxide White Suppliers In China

Micro image method consists of microscope, CCD camera (or digital camera), graphics acquisition card, computer and other parts. Its basic working principle is to transmit the white fused alumina magnified particle image of the microscope to the computer through the CCD camera and the graphics acquisition card.

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It is said that there are instruments abroad, but not at home. The computer processes these images such as edge recognition, calculates the projection area of each particle, obtains the black aluminum oxide particle size of each particle according to the principle of the equivalent projection area, and then counts the number of particles in the set particle size range to get the particle size distribution.(100 grit aluminum oxide white suppliers in china)

In addition to white aluminum oxide particle size measurement, micrograph is often used to observe and test particle morphology. In addition to the above several particle size testing methods, currently in the field of production and research, scraper method, settling bottle method, air permeability method, ultrasonic method and dynamic light scattering method are also commonly used. Settling bottle method: its pink aluminum oxide principle is basically the same as that of the former and the latter.

(100 grit aluminum oxide white suppliers in china)In the test process, a certain amount of 150 grit aluminum oxide sample and liquid are first prepared into a suspension in a 500ml or 1000L measuring cylinder, and then a certain amount (such as 20ml) is taken out as the total weight of the sample after full mixing, and then the settling time of each kind of particle is calculated according to Stokes law, and the same amount of silicon carbide price suspension is respectively released at a fixed time to represent the corresponding particle size at that time.

First, install the brown aluminium oxide sample into a metal tube and compact it, then install the metal tube into a gas path to form a closed-loop gas path. When the gas flows in the gas path, the gas will pass through the particle gap. If the sample is larger, the gap between particles will be larger, and the gas flow edge will be less blocked; if the green carborundum sample is smaller, the gap between particles will be smaller, and the gas flow will be more blocked.(100 grit aluminum oxide white suppliers in china)

The gas permeability method is based on such a principle to test the particle size. This method can only get an average particle size value, and can't measure the particle size distribution. This method is mainly used in the magnetic material industry. Scraper method: scrape the samples of brown corundum and silicon carbide companies onto the surface of a flat plate, observe the roughness, so as to evaluate whether the sample size is qualified.(100 grit aluminum oxide white suppliers in china)

Ultrasonic method: a method to measure the particle size distribution by the principle that different brown fused aluminum oxide particle sizes have different effects on ultrasonic. It can directly measure the solid-liquid ratio up to 70% of the high concentration slurry. This method is a new technology, aluminum oxide abrasive which has been studied at home and abroad. The particle size distribution can be calculated after drying and weighing the suspension at each time.

(100 grit aluminum oxide white suppliers in china)Air permeability method: air permeability method is also called Freund's method. This method is used in chrome corundum coating industry. A qualitative granularity test method. At present, this method is still used in abrasive and river sediment industries. Due to the small number of particles detected in a single time by this method, the same sample can be measured many times by changing the field of view method to improve the black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media authenticity of the test results.

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