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100 Grit Aluminum Oxide White Wholesale Price

When using a sieve ball mill to pulverize the material brown fused alumina price, the feed size should not be too large. If the material block is too large, the material stays in the ball mill for a long time, and it is easy to produce excessive pulverization, so that the micro-powder is increased, and the output rate of the black synthetic corundum common particle size is lowered. The feed block should be less than 30mm.

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The surrounding screen should be properly prepared. Usually, the white fused alumina screen number of the ball mill should be thicker than the grain size. Appropriate feeding speed, feeding speed and feeding block size, screen load quiet condition and discharging speed. When the feeding block is coarse, the feeding speed should be slowed down. Conversely, the control screen load will increase and even damage. In general, the feed rate should be balanced with the aluminium oxide sandblasting discharge rate.

(100 grit aluminum oxide white wholesale price)Regularly check the circumferential lining and lifting plate and find that it should be adjusted and replaced in case of black corundum serious wear. To supplement the steel ball and repair the lining plate, in order to compensate for the wear of the steel ball, a new ball should be added to the artificial corundum grinding machine regularly and the wear to less than 80mm and the deformed steel ball should be picked out. Generally, some small balls are picked out every 10-15 days.

The new ball should be re-scaled in a month or so. The ball consumption of the crushed white aluminum oxide block is about 2.5 - 3.0kg / t. When the ball mill is working in the first quarter or half a year, the liner should be repaired. Replace if necessary. Control the proportion of the bulk material in the feedstock. The emery abrasive crushing method of the material in the self-grinding machine is mainly the impact force of the material falling. Use bulk material as grinding media.(100 grit aluminum oxide white wholesale price)

Under normal circumstances, large blocks (greater than 300 mm) should account for about 50% of the pink aluminum oxide feed amount. Stabilize the air flow of the wind turbine circuit. The size of the gas flow directly affects the discharge particle size of the self-grinding machine, and the unstable gas flow rate will result in uneven particle size. The fused aluminum oxide material level should be consistent during operation, and the operation of the self-grinding machine should be stable.

(100 grit aluminum oxide white wholesale price)Pay attention to the brown aluminium oxide sequence of driving and parking. The order of driving: the main power supply valve, the water valve, the cooling water, the oil pump, the lubricating oil (observing whether the oil circuit is unblocked), the auxiliary fan, the active fan, the self-grinding machine (after normal), a belt. Machine ~ feeder. After the black oxide aluminum equipment is started, it will be idling first. After all the equipment is normal, it can be fed.

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