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100 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Suppliers Belarus

The main task is to deal with the slag iron in time to ensure the normal operation of the blast furnace(brown aluminium oxide). In particular, the life of the lower part of the furnace body, the waist and the belly of the furnace is shorter. This shows that the rapid development of ironmaking technology requires that refractories must undergo major changes(240 grit aluminum oxide), otherwise it is difficult to adapt to the requirements of modern ironmaking process.

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If the refractory life is not increased, it will directly affect the life of the first generation of blast furnace(silicon carbide price). Therefore, a stable, high-yield and smooth blast furnace can not be built without the strong backing of refractories with excellent performance(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Air supply system, including blower, humidification or dehumidification device, hot blast furnace and a series of pipeline valves and other equipment, mainly supplies hot air continuously.

Fuel injection system, including fuel preparation, storage, air compressor, high-pressure pump and a series of pipeline valve transportation(green carborundum). There is still a certain gap between China's blast furnace and the target of the first generation of 8-year service life and the iron production per unit furnace capacity of 5000t / m determined by the former Ministry of metallurgy(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). Its task is to inject fuel and reduce coke consumption.

In order to improve the blast furnace life(silicon carbide companies), ironmaking workers all over the world have done a lot of work. In order to improve the quality of the brick lining and create new varieties, the comprehensive furnace village should be built, the structure and material of the cooling system should be changed or improved(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit), the maintenance and operation should be strengthened, and the amorphous refractories should be used.

Due to the adoption of the above new technical measures, transportation equipment for flooded iron, the service life of the lining of large and medium blast furnaces is generally improved(180 grit aluminum oxide). The feeding system includes a series of equipment such as ore storage tank, screening, conveying, weighing and feeding machine(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Its main task is to ensure the recovery of blast furnace gas and reduce its dust content to about 15mg / m for utilization. 

Blast furnace is the main equipment for smelting pig iron, as shown in the figure(brown fused alumina). It is made of refractories to form a vertical cylindrical furnace body, which is reinforced and sealed by steel plate furnace shell and protected by embedded cooling wall. Blast furnace internal work(100 grit aluminum oxide media): the shape of working space is called blast furnace internal type, which is composed of 5 sections: furnace throat, furnace body, furnace waist, furnace belly and furnace hearth.

The size of the blast furnace is represented by the effective volume, which is the effective height h from the center line of the tap to the lower edge of the falling position of the big bell(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The volume of the internal workspace in the range (m) is also equal to the sum of the five segments of the internal shape(1200 grit aluminum oxide). In order to complete the blast furnace production, in addition to the blast furnace itself, there must be other auxiliary equipment.

It has a lot to do with the selection of refractories and the performance of refractories(brown aluminum oxide). Dedusting system, including coarse dedusting, semi fine dedusting (such as washing tower), fine dedusting (venturi, electrostatic precipitator) and other equipment(46 grit aluminum oxide). Slag and iron treatment system, equipment in the iron yard before the ladle furnace, equipment for processing cast iron outside the furnace, slag yard and its equipment, etc.

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