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The decomposition mother liquor can be recycled to process another batch of ore. brown aluminium oxide production by alkali process is divided into Bayer process, sintering process and Bayer sintering process. Bayer process was proposed by K.J. Bayer from 1889 to 1892, so it is called Bayer process. It is suitable for the treatment of low silicon bauxite, especially for the treatment of sanshuiguo stone type armor ore, and has incomparable advantages over other 240 grit aluminum oxide methods.

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At present, more than 90% of 20 mesh aluminium oxide grit and aluminum hydroxide produced in the world are produced by Bayer process. The two processes of Bayer process are decomposition and dissolution. The solution after dissolving out most of aluminum hydroxide is called decomposition mother liquor. The carbon mother liquor (mainly composed of Na2CO3) can be returned to the batching and sintering for recycling after 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight evaporation and concentration.

This kind of 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media hydroxide is calcined to produce sand like alumina. In the process of seed decomposition of sodium aluminate solution, the sodium aluminate solution with relatively low molecular weight (about 1.6) is added with aluminum hydroxide as seed at room temperature and stirred continuously, so that Al2O3 in the solution will be precipitated slowly in the form of aluminum hydroxide, and the molecular ratio of the fine grit aluminum oxide solution will increase continuously.

When heated, it can also dissolve the 150 grit aluminum oxide hydrate in bauxite. This is the process of dissolving bauxite by using seed mother liquor. The essence of Bayer method is that the following reactions are carried out alternately under different conditions. The basic principle of soda lime sintering process is that the oxides in the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media furnace charge are transformed into sodium aluminate (Na2O · Al2O3), sodium ferrite (Na2O · Fe2O3), calcium orthosilicate (2CaO · SiO2) and calcium titanate (Cao · TiO2) after high temperature sintering.

As Al2O3 in bauxite is easy to dissolve, it is dissolved at low temperature and 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media low alkali concentration (generally Na2O, below 110g / L), the dissolution temperature is 140-145 ℃, the residence time is less than 1h, the seed addition is small (50-120g / L), the decomposition time is 30-40h, while calcium orthosilicate and calcium titanate do not dissolve into sludge. After the sludge is separated and removed, 80 grit aluminum oxide and the product is coarse aluminum hydroxide, but the yield is low, only 40-45g / L.

After dilution, the brown fused alumina solution with caustic soda concentration up to 150g / L is decomposed. During decomposition, the initial temperature of decomposition is low (55-60 ℃ or lower), the amount of seed added is large (such as 200-250g / L), the decomposition time is 50-70h, and the yield is as high as 80g / L. however, the obtained aluminum hydroxide particles are fine, and the flying loss is large during roasting, the initial decomposition temperature is high (60-70 ℃), so the flour like 180 grit aluminum oxide is obtained.

The above two processes can be used alternately to deal with bauxite in batches and brown aluminum oxide get pure aluminum hydroxide products, forming the so-called Bayer process cycle. When dissolved by water or dilute alkali solution, sodium aluminate dissolves into solution, and sodium ferrite hydrolyzes into NaoH and Fe2O3 · H2O precipitates, the sodium aluminate solution is obtained, 220 grit aluminum oxide which is then carbonated and decomposed with CO2, and then the Al (OH) 3 is precipitated.

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