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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Brazil

The large water absorption rate proves that the water resistance is poor(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). The absorbed weight of the paper impregnated on the back is 28 ~ 30%; the absorbed weight of the paper impregnated on both sides is 24 ~ 28%; the absorbed weight of the sandpaper made of the paper impregnated on the back is 18 ~ 20%(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media); The absorption weight of the sandpaper made of the surface impregnated paper is 16 ~ 18%.

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Grind these two kinds of sandpaper on the grinding test machine to obtain(steel shot abrasive): the sandpaper made from the paper impregnated on the back side is 1.70 ~ 2.00 grams per half hour. sandpaper made from the paper impregnated on both sides The grinding amount per hour is 2.00 ~ 2.30g(220 grit aluminum oxide). The impregnating material of water-resistant sandpaper is generally alkyd resin or varnish, and a small amount of softener, such as dibutyl phthalate and vegetable oil.

The above results show that the impregnation treatment improves the water resistance of the base paper(white fused alumina); the double-sided impregnated paper has better water resistance than the back impregnated paper, can also be added(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The results are as follows: the absorption weight of the water-resistant base paper is 30 to 35% (indicating that the water-resistant base paper has poor water resistance and should be treated with water resistance).

The effect of impregnation is clear, and the requirements for the impregnating material are very clear(white aluminum oxide). For the impregnating material of paper, on the one hand, its moisture-proof, waterproof and adhesive properties are considered, and on the other hand, its softness is noted(80 grit aluminum oxide). Of course, the amount of impregnation should not be too large, on the one hand, the raw material consumption increases, on the other hand, it will increase the brittleness.

The finished sandpaper made of double-sided impregnated paper is not only better in water resistance but also good in grinding ability than sandpaper made of back impregnated paper(white corundum). After the resin is cured, the resin molecules in the space are interconnected to form a stable body structure(fine grit aluminum oxide). Front impregnation mainly acts as a “hole-plugging” to prevent large penetration of the bottom and the compound glue, which makes the sand sticky.

Only one point is emphasized here(glass beads manufacturers). That is to say, the quality of the impregnation directly affects the performance of the finished sandpaper, which not only affects the water resistance, but also affects the grinding performance. The impregnation quality is good, the water resistance is good, and the grinding performance is also good(150 grit aluminum oxide). When the base paper is impregnated, the resin molecules enter the space of the base paper fibers and wrap the fibers.

This is because the resin molecules surround the fiber, changing the original softness of the fiber(garnet abrasive price). This body structure has properties such as water resistance, oil resistance, and chemical resistance. If the impregnation is insufficient, the body structure cannot be completely formed, and the unsaturated bond of the base paper fiber is It will react with the OH groups in air, water and oil, which will damage the fiber and swell the paper(60 grit aluminum oxide), which will cause the matrix to break.

This is the only reason for the back impregnation, which is not only poor in water resistance, but also poor in grinding performance(glass bead abrasive). With this heating method, the temperature is easy to control and safer. The temperature for dipping and drying is not high. Just dry the surface of the paper and make it not sticky when winding, because it will be dried after the next process. Excessive baking will increase brittleness(aluminum oxide 40 grit). The two roles complement each other and cannot be separated.

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