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Surfactant molecules are composed of two groups of atoms with opposite properties, one is a polar hydrophilic group(fused alumina), and the other is a non-polar hydrophobic (lipophilic) group. When the liquid and solid materials are in contact, after adding a surfactant, the wetting angle is reduced due to the reduction of the surface tension, which increases the wetting ability of the liquid to the solid(garnet abrasive). Surfactants are divided into two types: ionic and non-ionic.

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The two groups are at both ends of the same molecule, forming an asymmetric structure(white fused alumina). Ionic surfactants can be ionized into ions after being dissolved in water, and those that cannot be ionized into ions after being dissolved in water are non-ionic. Therefore, during the shell making process of investment casting, selective wetting and adsorption may occur(steel grid). The surface of commonly used wax-based and resin-based mold materials is hydrophobic.

(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media factory uk)For example, after the module is dipped and spreading sand(black silicon carbide), when the coating has a greater wetting ability to sand particles than the investment mold, due to selective wetting As a result, the paint has a tendency to separate from the investment surface and adsorb around the sand particles, which will cause ant holes on the surface of the cavity(arc fused alumina). The changes in these properties are all related to the chemical structure of surfactant molecules.

Commonly used diluents are distilled water or ethanol (ethanol is now rarely used(silicon carbide price), and the silica sol diluted with ethanol will dry faster, and can reduce the surface tension of the silica sol and improve the coating properties, but the addition of ethanol will make the silica sol stable Decrease and increase viscosity). On the surface of material A, this phenomenon is called selective wetting(garnet suppliers). Usually the surface tension decreases, and the wetting angle decreases. small.(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media factory uk)

When a liquid can wet two different solids at the same time, but the wetting ability of the liquid to material A is greater than that of material B(white aluminum oxide). Therefore, when the liquid first contacts material B and then contacts material A, the liquid may separate from material B(glass beads supplier). The main role of surfactants in investment casting is to reduce the surface tension of the coating, increase the wetting effect of the coating on the investment, and improve the coating properties.

(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media factory uk)As mentioned above(green carborundum), the wetting angle can indicate the degree of wetting between the liquid and solid phase surfaces, and the size of the wetting angle is mainly affected by the interfacial tension between the liquid and solid phases. Surfactants used in investment casting should meet the following requirements: easily soluble in water, can significantly reduce surface tension, and have good wettability and permeability(glass bead blasting media suppliers). There is less foam in the coating and low foam stability, easy to defoam.

When water glass or silica sol binders are used, since they are all hydrosols, the surface tension is relatively large(white corundum). Adding a surface wetting agent to the coating can also improve it. Permeability promotes the hardener to accelerate the penetration and hardening of the coating; in addition, the surface wetting agent also has the effect of improving the dispersion of the coating and can make the binder uniformly dispersed(black oxide aluminum). It is harmless to human health, cheap and easy to obtain.(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media factory uk)

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