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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Germany

The commonly used grid bricks can be divided into 4 categories(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Semi-silicon bricks have better high temperature creep and volume stability than clay bricks, and better thermal shock resistance than silicon bricks(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). In addition, mullite bricks are also used in the upper part of the heat storage chamber and in areas with large temperature changes, they have been replaced by other high-efficiency bricks. 

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The load softening temperature and high temperature spiral deformation properties of mullite bricks are similar to those of silicon bricks, and the volume stability at low temperatures is good(steel grid), which is convenient when the furnace is started and stopped; the heat storage capacity per unit volume is large. However, mullite bricks consume more energy and cost more than silicon bricks. Much higher. Heat exchange efficiency of hot blast stove(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive).

The table lists some geometric parameters of various bricks(white fused alumina). For example, if the thermal storage capacity of clay bricks is 1. Siliceous bricks are 1.14, silica bricks are only 0.85, and mullite bricks are 1.2. Under the same operating conditions, the heat exchange efficiency of the hot blast stove mainly depends on the heat storage capacity of the refractory material(aluminum oxide 40 grit), the thermal conductivity and the shape of the refractory brick.

In SiO2-Al2O3 series refractories, the heat storage capacity of refractory materials increases with the increase of Al2O3 content(white aluminum oxide). The heat storage capacity of high-aluminum refractory materials is higher than that of clay bricks and silicon bricks(60 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, when high-aluminum refractory materials with high heat storage capacity are used for the lattice brick, the hot blast stove can be more compact and reduce the area.

High-efficiency lattice bricks should be made of high-quality refractory materials, and corresponding purification measures should be taken for blast furnace gas(white corundum). Therefore, the rectangular bricks of the hot blast stove are built with rectangular refractory bricks, but due to the low thermal efficiency(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). In the SiO2-Al2O3 series refractories, the thermal conductivity of the refractories increases with the increase of the Al2O3 content.

Each of them can be divided into two types: This is particularly beneficial for retrofitting existing hot blast stoves(garnet abrasive), because it can avoid making large changes to the structure of the hot blast stove to improve the heat storage capacity of the hot blast stove, and at the same time avoid being limited by the existing site(150 grit aluminum oxide). The thermal conductivity of refractory materials affects the speed of heat storage and release of grid bricks during heating and exothermic processes.

The larger the total surface area of the grid brick in a unit volume, the higher the heat exchange efficiency(garnet suppliers). Therefore, when the lattice brick is a high-conductivity material, the heat can be quickly transferred to the inside of the brick when it is heated, and it can be quickly released to the outside when it is cooled(220 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, the use of refractory materials with high thermal conductivity is conducive to improving the thermal efficiency of hot blast stoves.

Traditionally, the main factors affecting the thermal conductivity of refractories are bulk density and porosity.(80 grit aluminum oxide) The higher the bulk density of refractories, the lower the porosity, and the greater the thermal conductivity of refractories. Therefore, the hot-air stove grid brick should be a material with high density and low porosity(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The thermal efficiency of the hot blast stove is also closely related to the design of the grid brick. standard and efficient.

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