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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Malaysia

Spray drying has two white corundum production processes: traditional process, Al2O3+NaaCO+LiNO. - mixing, calcining and spray drying. Non burning process, Al2O3+ alkali (diffused in water), mixed 1 to spray drying. When the ratio of urea to aluminum nitrate is 0.6 (mol), the aluminium oxide abrasive grit powders prepared by heating at 300 ℃ are all a-Al2O3, which have good sintering properties. A variety of oxides including Al2O3 can be produced by this method.

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This method has developed rapidly and is a kind of green carborundum powder making method with the aid of colloidal dispersion system. Because the diameter of colloidal particles is less than several thousand nanometers, which has considerable transparency, it is called sol, easy to be polluted in operation. It can distribute a variety of (3~5 or more) metal ions uniformly and steadily in the colloid, black alumina and can further dehydrate into uniform gel (amorphous). 

Al2O3 powder with particle diameter less than 0.3um can be prepared by oxygen decomposition reaction in alc13 · albrs. Ultrafine alumina was prepared by gas-solid decomposition of ammonium alum crystal and ammonia in Hefei University of technology. The process flow of preparing ultrafine Al2O3 with horizontal continuous gas-solid reactor is shown in the figure. It is an easy way to produce aluminium oxide blasting superfine powder in industry.

This method is easy to control its particle shape and white fused alumina particle size distribution, which can realize the compound homogenization of particles at the molecular level. In addition, the collection, storage, transportation and surface protection (large surface area, high surface activity) of ultrafine powder also need to be solved. After aluminum oxide blasting abrasive proper treatment, high activity ultrafine particles mixed oxides or homogeneous solid solutions can be obtained.

The steel grid chemical synthesis method is the main method to produce nano-sized ultrafine powder less than 1um, and the purity of a-Al2O3 ultrafine powder is high. In the future, the main direction of research and development of high-purity alumina powder and ultra-fine powder is not to develop new technology, but to improve the developed technology, in order to get cheap, fine and even fused aluminum oxide particle size distribution products.

At present, among hundreds of white aluminum oxide factories producing a-Al2O3 micro powder and ultra-fine powder in China, none of them can produce a-Al2O3 micro powder and ultra-fine powder on a large scale to meet the quality requirements of users. However, two factories adopt the chemical mechanical comminution method to establish a continuous production line and produce a series of products that can meet the artificial corundum requirements of users.

The following two production processes are introduced respectively. Al (OH) 3 was dehydrated and then glass bead blasting media suppliers added with composite additives (halide was reported in Literature). There are many methods to produce high-purity ultrafine powder of ral2o3, but it is difficult to form large-scale production due to the existence of complex preparation technology, large investment, aluminium oxide blasting grit process equipment and other factors.

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