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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Philippines

When high-speed blowing is used and the molten pool is shallow, the central part of the furnace bottom may be severely damaged(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). In addition, when the bottom blowing is used, the damage of these parts may be aggravated, and the same material as the charging side of the furnace belly should be used(aluminium oxide 36 grit). At present, in order to improve the technical and economic indicators of converters, comprehensive masonry is commonly used.

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The outlet of the converter is subject to rapid erosion of molten steel and the sharp changes in temperature, the tap hole should be formed integrally, and the damage is serious(steel shot abrasive). Therefore, magnesium carbon bricks are required to have high erosion resistance and oxidation resistance(brown fused alumina for grinding). The corrosion of magnesium carbonaceous steel outlet bricks is considered to be caused by gas phase oxidation, microstructure deterioration and abrasion and erosion. 

In order to improve the life of the tap brick, the critical grain size is small and isostatic pressing is adopted, which is beneficial to the uniformity and compactness of the material in the brick(white fused alumina). In addition, in order to improve the service life of the tap hole brick, the structure of the tap hole should be improved, and the hot repair method should be improved(corundum sand). Compared with MgO-C bricks, MsO-CaO-C bricks have different characteristics.

The firing experience in production is "Small fire is stable, medium fire is fast, and big fire needs to burn to reduce flame"(white aluminum oxide). The index of carbon bricks dissolved by molten iron increases in the following order: calcined anthracite <natural amorphous graphite <artificial graphite <coal tar pitch(brown aluminum oxide blast media). In order to overcome this shortcoming, some methods in the production of tar combined with dolomite bricks and magnesia carbon bricks can be used.

One is to heat-treat the bad bricks to redistribute the asphalt, so that the surface of the broken white cloud right particles can get the asphalt film It is better to wrap and cover(white corundum); the second is to use low-pressure vibration molding method, because the molding pressure is quite low, the dolomite particles have no danger of breaking, and all can be covered by the asphalt film, thereby improving the anti-hydration ability(black silicon carbide suppliers).

As the fatal weakness of Ca-containing alkaline refractories as refractories is hydration, it is particularly important to improve the hydration resistance of CaO-containing alkaline refractory materials(glass beads manufacturers). For low alkalinity and low T · Fe slag, Mgo.Ca bricks have better slag resistance and strong stability at high temperatures(black silicon carbide factory). Therefore, it was first successfully used in a top-to-bottom composite blowing converter with a high stainless steel ratio.

The amount of molten iron permeated is greater than the pore volume, which means that the molten iron that has penetrated into the pores of the carbon bricks repeatedly solidifies and melts with changes in temperature, so that the microstructure of the carbon bricks is destroyed(garnet abrasive price). When the amount of molten iron penetration further increases, the remelting of molten iron accelerates the erosion of the carbon bricks, thermal shock resistance and slag resistance(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh).

In order to prevent the finished product from absorbing water from the kiln(glass bead abrasive), a layer of moisture-proofing agent (asphalt moisture-proofing agent) should be evenly coated on the surface of the product, and the jade should be stored. Graphite clay crimped products are required to have certain mechanical strength(brown fused alumina grit), be able to bear the weight of the smelted metal, facilitate the casting operation, and also have good thermal conductivity.

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