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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media South Korea

In order to increase the top pressure of the furnace to above 0.2 MPa(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit), and to have high flexibility in adjusting the top cloth, it was decided to introduce a PW and tank-type bell-free top. In addition, the No. 10 blast furnace of Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). in China adopted a string-type tank water-cooled bell-less top in the large-scale modification design. 

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The equipment is mainly composed of an upper rotating tank(glass beads manufacturers), a lower weighing tank, a gear box and cooling, equalizing pressure, hydraulic lubrication and electronic control systems. Since it was put into production in February 1995, the furnace roof equipment has basically worked normally(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit), which indicates that this furnace roof can meet the requirements of various operations of the blast furnace and is currently an ideal charging equipment.

In general, the working environment of various parts during blast furnace smelting is very harsh, but there are some slight differences(brown fused alumina). Furnace throat: When the furnace throat is under normal operation, the temperature is 400 ~ 500 ℃, it is more intense due to the impact and friction of the furnace charge, and it is very easy to wear(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). In severe cases, the cooler is completely eroded and is only maintained by the steel armor.

Even so, erosion of the furnace throat is still inevitable, especially the impact wear of the material along the bottom of the furnace throat steel brick is more prominent(garnet abrasive price). Furnace body: It is an important part of the blast furnace body. It plays the role of heating, reducing and slagging of the furnace charge, and it bears the scour of the gas flow and the impact of the material from beginning to end(brown fused alumina for grinding).

This part is mainly subjected to the impact of the charge of the furnace, the wear of the furnace dust or the thermal shock (up to 50C / min), or the invasion of alkali, zinc, etc.(brown aluminum oxide), and the damage caused by the deposition of carbon. It mainly plays the role of protecting the furnace lining(brown aluminum oxide blast media). However, the temperature at the upper and middle parts of the furnace is relatively low (400 ~~ 800 ℃), and there is no danger of slag formation and slag corrosion.

Therefore, high-aluminum bricks are generally used for the furnace throat, and cast steel is generally used for the furnace throat steel bricks(glass bead abrasive). The lower temperature of the furnace body is relatively high, and a large amount of slag is formed, which has the friction effect when the hot charge is lowered; the dust scouring effect and the alkali metal vapor erosion effect when the gas rises(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). Therefore, this part is very susceptible to erosion.

For example, in a steel plant's No. 5 blast furnace, in April 1996, during a damage investigation(brown aluminium oxide), it was found that the cracks in the 7th section of the steel armor were crisscrossed like a net, almost connected into one piece. Light, only by steel armor to maintain (late furnace service). This phenomenon may be similar in other blast furnaces across the country(brown fused alumina grit). In other words, the life of the blast furnace has a lot to do with the life of the furnace body.

Therefore, this part (especially the lower part of the furnace body) requires the selection of high-quality clay bricks(steel shot abrasive), high alumina bricks and corundum bricks with good slag resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature strength and abrasion resistance. Furnace waist: It serves as a buffer for rising gas flow(black silicon carbide suppliers). The furnace charge has been partially reduced to make slag here, which has poor permeability and severe slag erosion.

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