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In a solution with a Na2O concentration of 20% to 22%, the brown fused alumina 60 grit transition temperature of gibbsite to gibbsite is about 70 to 75 ° C. At this time, the Al2O3 content in the equilibrium solution was about 23%, and the composition of the solution was located at the maximum point of the solubility isotherm. More clearly shows the change in solubility and its equilibrium solid phase at different temperatures.

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NaOH melts at 321 ° C. In the Na2O-H2O binary system constituting this ternary system, the following garnet suppliers compounds exist: NaOH · 2H2O (<28 ° C), NaOH · H2O (<65 ° C), NaOH (melting at 321 ° C). Because the speed at which boehmite is transformed into boehmite is quite slow, and the rate at which the metastable equilibrium solution becomes an equilibrium solution is also very small, the measured value of the brown fused alumina factory solubility of boehmite still has practical significance.

According to the phase law, there can only be one equilibrium solid phase, that is, gibbsite, brown fused alumina and the solubility of boehmite should be considered as the metastable solubility. In the concentrated alkali solution, gibbsite has the maximum solubility when the temperature is below 75 ° C, and it is also maintained as an equilibrium solid phase at this temperature. The bauxite and white fused alumina oxide mfg are simultaneously in equilibrium with a solution with a composition of 20% Na2O and 25% Al2O3.

Above 75 ° C, diaspore is present as the brown aluminum oxide equilibrium solid phase. A solution in the left line segment of the ternary system at 75 ~ 100 ℃ can be in equilibrium with two solid phases at the same time, forming a zero variable. Most of the sodium aluminate solutions in the brown fused aluminum oxide factory production process are in a supersaturated state, including seed denominator solutions. Above 321 ° C, the equilibrium solid phase of the steel grid ternary system changes again.

Na2O-Al2O3-H2O system is between 140 ~ 300 ℃, its equilibrium solid phase does not change, under this condition, brown aluminium oxide and its isothermal cross-section at 150 ℃, the boehmite AlOOH, NaAl2O3 and NaOH are stable solid phase, unsaturated solution. At 350 ° C, the zero point of boehmite, buy brown fused alumina and solution has been pushed to 12% H2O, 15% Na2O and 25% Al2O3. This shows that with the increase of temperature, the stable area of gibbsite decreases rapidly.

The zone (that is, the dissolution zone) expands with increasing temperature. The production of emery abrasive by the Bayer process is based on the above characteristics of the solubility isotherm of the isothermal cross-section of the equilibrium state of the Na2O-Al2O3-H2O system, so that the composition of the sodium aluminate solution is always in the I and II regions, that is, the glass bead blasting media suppliers hydroxide is in an unsaturated state. And supersaturation.

At 330 ° C, a new zero point is found in the garnet abrasive system. Using a higher concentration of caustic solution to dissolve alumina in bauxite at a higher temperature, and then diluting and cooling the solution to make the alumina supersaturate and crystallize out. The supersaturated sodium aluminate solution crystallizes out aluminum hydroxide, which is a spontaneous and irreversible process in thermodynamics. If the production process is not well controlled, white aluminium oxide manufacturer will be lost.

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