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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media USA

However, illite is difficult to be removed by pre desilication in alumina production process in China(white fused alumina oxide mfg). However, illite reacts in large quantities at preheating temperature, which poses a serious threat to heat transfer efficiency of preheater. So it is very important to understand the behavior of illite under various conditions(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). Is the reaction rate curve of illite at different temperatures.

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It can be seen from the figure that illite hardly reacts below 150 ℃(glass bead abrasive); at 180 ℃, the reaction speed is still relatively small, the reaction time is 20 minutes, the reaction rate is only about 20%, and the growth is very slow with the time extension(buy brown fused alumina). When the temperature is above 200 ℃, the reaction rate of illite increases rapidly. This shows that the reaction of illite in sodium aluminate solution is greatly affected by temperature.

The apparent activation energy E of illite was measured under different reaction rates(white fused alumina). When the reaction rate was 60%, e = 95.0kj/mol; when the reaction rate was 70%, e = 97.4kj/mol. It can be concluded that the reaction of illite in the preheating process of 210 ~ 250 ℃ is in the control stage of surface chemical reaction kinetics(brown fused aluminum oxide factory), so the ion diffusion and mass transfer is not an important factor affecting the reaction speed.

Because of the high activation energy and the great influence of temperature on the reaction speed, the reaction in the high temperature preheating pipeline is accelerated rapidly with the increase of temperature, resulting in the increase of scab(garnet abrasive price). With the increase of K2O content in the solution, but with the increase of temperature, the difference of reaction rate tends to narrow due to the different concentration of K2O(white aluminum oxide 220 grit).

When the concentration of K20 in the solution increases, the precipitation rate of Sodalite slows down(white aluminum oxide). This is due to the presence of a certain amount of potassium in the generated sodalite when the content of K2O in the solution is high. It is possible that potassium enters into the lattice of Sodalite in the form of isomorphism, and the entry of potassium ions into the sodalite can stabilize its structure(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit), making it difficult to transform to calysite.

Illite is regarded as non active SiO2 in alumina production process abroad(glass beads manufacturers). The content of K2O in the solution has an effect on the reaction rate of illite. The reaction rate of illite can be greatly increased by the impurity na2so2 in the solution, especially for the solution containing potassium(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). At 250 ℃, the reaction rate of illite decreases greatly, the illite reaction is almost complete in 20 minutes. 

Na2S can also promote the formation of calcium Chardonnay. It is possible that so may enter into the nepheline at the same time(white corundum). The existence of so stabilizes the structure of calysite, which makes it difficult to form the product of calysite in K2O solution. Due to the formation of this product, the SiO2 concentration is greatly reduced, and the K2O solution is more decreased, which is very favorable for the dissolution process of illite(steel shot abrasive).

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