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The traditional white aluminum oxide powder processing process is to place the raw materials in a high-temperature electric arc furnace for smelting to make corundum blocks. After processing and refinement, white corundum powders of different sizes are made. With the improvement of technology, the current white corundum micron powder processing flow has been greatly different.

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Today, white corundum powder is produced by first molding powdery white corundum solids and heating them below their melting point. During the heating process, catalysts and binders are added to make them adhere, fuse, and crystallize. The main principle is that the arc fused alumina powder surface has a large surface area and a high surface energy, so chemical reactions such as polycrystalline transformation, recrystallization, and eutectic are generated.

(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight manufacturers sa)Compared with the traditional white fused alumina processing flow, the cost of the new processing flow has been greatly reduced, and the newly made white corundum powder has high hardness, good polishing, and high self-sharpness. . The fine powders commonly used in refractories and abrasive tools are corundum only fused alumina powder, silicon carbide has green silicon carbide powder and a small amount of cubic silicon nitride powder.

The silicon carbide price has a hard and brittle texture and strong cutting force, so it can be used as a coated abrasive. Raw material is crushed. White corundum is dry-milled, air-flow milled, and vibrated. Most of green silicon carbide is wet-milled, and then washed with water, acid or alkali. After washing, hydraulic classification is performed, and finally dehydration, drying, loosening and packaging. Now commonly referred to as "fused alumina" generally refers to "brown fused aluminium oxide".(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight manufacturers sa)

It is made of calcined alumina or industrial pink aluminium oxide as raw material and is melted at high temperature in an electric arc furnace. Al2O3 ≥ 99%, white, lump material, apparent porosity 6% ~ 10%, main crystal phase is α-Al2O3, crystal It is long and rhombic, and often has a skeletal crystal. Because the raw materials are very pure, no chemical reaction occurs in the operation of the electric furnace, but the temperature and cooling rate of the black aluminum oxide media molten liquid have a great influence on the structure of the block.

(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight manufacturers sa)In terms of homogeneity, it is important to obtain as dense a mass as possible. When the Na2O in the silicon carbide companies raw material is solidified, β-Al2O3 is formed, and it is easy to concentrate in the central part of the block, which will adversely affect the refractory and abrasive materials. Therefore, the content of Na2O in the raw material must be paid attention to. In addition, white fused alumina price there is a small amount of nepheline and glass in the block.

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