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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Harbor Freight Price

The white aluminum oxide refractory material refers to an aluminum silicate refractory material containing 90% or more of Al203 and a main phase of a-A1203 (corundum), which is also called an alumina refractory material. Since corundum materials have excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, fused alumina high hardness, high strength, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, and air tightness, they have a wide range of uses.

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According to the different raw materials used, sintered corundum products can be divided into: black silicon carbide products made of sintered corundum clinker, generally called recombined sintered corundum products; corundum products made of lightly burnt corundum particles and fine powder, also known as Sintered alumina products; corundum products made of fused corundum, that is, combined with fused corundum products.

(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight price)In combination with sintered corundum products, sintered alumina (sintered corundum) is used as the initial material, and the corundum fine powder is formulated into a slurry, and the formed, dried and fired products are also called corundum clinker products. High-purity sintered corundum products, pellets and fine powders generally use synthetic corundum of the same composition.

In the production of ordinary white fused alumina products, in order to improve their thermal shock resistance and slag resistance, it is generally allowed to add less than 10% of the second component. The second component is generally mullite, which may be mullite clinker, or may be added with silicon oxide, salary soil, kaolin, kyanite-silica concentrate powder, etc. in the preparation emery abrasive process. Formed mullite in the middle.(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight price)

Phosphoric acid is used as a binder, and the amount of addition depends on the performance of the silicon carbide price, and fluctuates from 1 to 6 intestines. In order to improve the molding properties, an appropriate amount of an organic binder is often added. The addition of fine powder has a significant effect on the density and strength of the corundum white product. The fine powder is increased from 15 intestines to 45%, and the density and strength of the product are greatly improved.

(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight price)If it is added in the green silicon carbide fine powder, it is less than 5%. Lym's two A12q ultrafine powders are of great significance for product performance. White corundum is graded. The better the white corundum, the smaller the particles, the wear resistance and impact resistance. Different grades of white corundum are also targeted in use. In the case of a slightly higher environmental situation, the selection of fused aluminum oxide grades will be slightly higher.

According to the different production processes, arc fused alumina products can be divided into sintered corundum products and cast-cast corundum products. The density calculation method of white corundum is directly related to the size of the white corundum particles, the density of the overall accumulation of the abrasive, the variety of the particle size, and the shape and composition of each particle. The size of the particle size can be selected during the production of 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media.(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight price)

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