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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Harbor Freight Thailand

Screening effect: For coarse-grained materials, it can eliminate agglomeration, loosen the white aluminum oxide 120 grit material, and facilitate spreading. For fine-grained materials, not only plays a role of loosening, choosing the appropriate screen number can make the chrome corundum molding material achieve uniform purpose. When designing the mold, the process allowance must be considered.

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For fine powder grade brown fused alumina grit materials, it is difficult to mix uniformly by mechanical stirring and prolonged time alone, because there are many small binder clusters in the material. Using a sieving method, the small binder clusters are dispersed to play a role in making the material uniform. After adding the wetting agent or the resin powder, all the black fused alumina materials are sieved with a 20 * ~ 36 sieve and sieved twice. The size of the tool has machining allowance.

(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight thailand)With each sieving, the white fused alumina material is further distributed to improve its uniformity. Empirical inspection method: visually inspect the molding material. If the color of the material is consistent, there is no binder group or filler group, which can be regarded as uniform. A certain degree of roughness and taper is required on the black silicon carbide factory surface of the mold sleeve and the mandrel to reduce frictional resistance during molding and facilitate demoulding.

Solvent inspection method: Take several grams of white aluminum oxide material at different parts of the molding material, add 50 ~ 60ml of alcohol, stir continuously and pour into the dried filter, filter the solution and dry the residue at 105 ° C for 2h And weighed. The difference between the mass of the original pink alumina sample and the residue is the amount of resin in the sample. Because the shapes and sizes of the grinding tools are different, various molds must be prepared.(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight thailand)

The structure of the mold determines the white corundum shape and size of the tool. In general, the most commonly used is a parallel grinding wheel. The mold structure is relatively simple. Pressure ring), hot iron (fork) six parts, and the mold used for the special-shaped grinding wheel is more complicated. When the difference in resin content in each sample does not exceed 0.1% of the black aluminium oxide mass of the mixture, it is considered to be uniformly mixed. Horn: There are spring horns, pads, pads, pads, etc.

(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight thailand)The mold is an important condition for realizing the process requirements. The basic requirements for the garnet abrasive mold are: sufficient strength, guaranteed product quality, simple structure, easy processing, long service life, convenient operation, and high labor productivity. aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh tools are sometimes formed with considerable pressure (up to 40 MPa), so the abrasive tools must have sufficient strength, and the mold is usually made of hardened steel.

The inner diameter of the steel shot abrasive mold sleeve is generally slightly larger, and the outer diameter of the core rod depends on the diameter of the grinding wheel and whether it is processed. Its value is about 1.4 ~ 2.0. Generally, the K value of coarse-grained wheels is smaller, while the K value of fine-grained wheels is larger. For special-shaped abrasives or high-thickness black silicon carbide suppliers, the K value can also be smaller because it needs to be pressed and pressed in stages.(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight thailand)

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