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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Harbor Freight Wholesale

Due to the uneven refining of alumina solution, the aluminum oxide abrasive chemical composition and structure of each part of the crystal block are not uniform. In the white corundum crystal block, due to the difference in appearance, structure and mineral composition, it can be divided into the following borrowed parts: the so-called upwelling, downwelling, center, edge and bottom.

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This kind of inhomogeneity can be seen clearly in the broken aluminum oxide grit crystal block. The crystal block structure of white corundum is dense and porous, and the color is from light grey to dark grey, with various pollution. Part of the surface is reddish brown, while the bottom is spongy and other granular structure, the color is rose, blue, and a few are purplish brown. The center of the black aluminum oxide media crystal block is a whole compact block, most of which are medium and fine crystals.

The edge structure of white aluminum oxide crystal block is compact, most of which are fine crystals, some of which are medium, occasionally have coarse crystals, the structure is not uniform, the section is rough, lusterless, occasionally with grease, the color is from dark brown to blue black, the bottom of pink aluminium oxide crystal block is compact as a whole, the structure is distributed from small crystals to coarse crystals, most of which are coarse crystals, there are a lot of them Ferroalloy inclusions of different sizes.

The structural blocks of silicon carbide companies are very complex, which are divided into five parts. The structure, color and particle size of each part are different. The research on the block structure of white corundum is helpful for people to understand the wear resistance, self sharpening, toughness and other properties of white corundum abrasive more clearly, so as to lay a foundation for the research and development of new types of white aluminum oxide abrasive.

There are all kinds and specifications of white fused alumina products in China. In addition to some products that can be manufactured abroad due to domestic equipment conditions and other reasons, we can also manufacture them. But why can't many imported white corundum products for supporting equipment be supplied domestically? To improve the quality of white fused aluminium oxide, the following aspects should be taken into consideration That's ok. With grease luster.

To improve the quality of white corundum, first of all, it is necessary to improve the quality of green carborundum grinding particles, increase the variety, and achieve the purpose of "seating according to the number". Abrasive is the decisive factor for the quality of products. If we want to solve the problem of hard and brittle materials processing of stone, glass and ceramic lamps, we must strive to improve the quality of high-grade, coarse-grained pink fused alumina.

The overall structure of silicon carbide price is porous and dense granular structure, fine crystal. The key is that there is a large gap in quality. The color is from purple brown to rose brown. There are ferroalloy inclusions in the block and light yellow in the silver section. To replace high-grade fused aluminium oxide with medium and low-grade white corundum can only be a temporary measure, which will not help the development of white corundum industry.

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