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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Australia

The overall dimension is strictly required, and general products shall be machined to a certain extent(brown fused alumina grit). The carbon brick is dark gray and glossy. The well burnt carbon brick does not contaminate hands(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). Because of the above properties of carbon brick, reduces the heat loss, carbon deposition, it is widely used to build the bottom and hearth of blast furnace. 

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The performance of refractories for blast furnace hearth is one of the key factors affecting the service life of blast furnace(brown fused alumina). To prevent embrittlement and molten iron corrosion are two prerequisites for improving the properties of carbon brick. The graphite crucible made of pitch and tar instead of clay and silicon carbide instead of clinker has been widely used in foreign countries(black silicon carbide suppliers).

It has a crisp sound when knocked with a small hammer(brown aluminum oxide). It has high fire resistance and load softening temperature, good thermal shock resistance; it is not wetted by slag and molten iron, almost not corroded by all acid and alkali salts and organic drugs, good slag resistance, stable volume at high temperature, high mechanical strength(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh), good wear resistance, good conductivity and thermal conductivity.

In addition, carbon is easy to oxidize, whether it is the calcination of raw materials or products or the use of products, it should be carried out in reducing atmosphere(brown aluminium oxide). In recent years, the scope of use has been expanding, and carbon bricks have been used in the furnace bosh and the lower part of the furnace body(black silicon carbide factory). It can increase the continuous operation time and prolong the service life of blast furnace. 

According to the above findings, in the development of refractories for blast furnace hearth(steel grid), the first is to improve the performance and structure of carbon brick, and adopt the hot pressed carbon brick with high thermal conductivity, high purity and micro porosity to overcome the damage of hearth caused by alkali erosion, hot metal penetration and other factors(aluminium oxide 36 grit); the second is to adopt new hearth materials.

The "ceramic cup" technology developed by savoi company of France has been accepted and adopted in the world in recent years(brown fused alumina for grinding). So far, 21 blast furnaces have adopted the "ceramic cup" technology, with a maximum volume of 5000m, and another 11 will be put into use by 1997(corundum sand). Therefore, it is very important to study the formation of brittle layer and the corrosion mechanism of carbon brick in molten iron.

The remarkable feature of "ceramic cup" technology is that it greatly reduces the damage caused by molten iron penetration(brown aluminum oxide blast media), and moves the 800 isothermal layer which is easy to make and carbon brick embrittlement into the ceramic cup layer, thus eliminating the early damage of the iron mountain area caused by the increase of molten iron temperature and molten iron flow(high purity fused aluminum oxide), thus improving the life of the hearth.

In addition, carbon brick is widely used in electrochemical industry(white aluminum oxide 120 grit), chemical industry, petrochemical industry, electroplating industry, ferroalloy industry furnace (or equipment lining), acid solution, alkali bath lining and pipeline, as well as furnace lining for smelting non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum, lead, tin, etc.). The total mixing time of plastic billets is about 30-40min, and that of semi dry billets is 40-60min(aluminum oxide sandblasting media).

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