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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers China

On this basis, through the systematic study of the white aluminum oxide 220 grit raw meal formula, clinker burning and dissolution, a material balance and technological index system which are essentially different from the traditional sintering method are established, and a new alumina production process of the rich ore intensified sintering method is preliminarily formed. The energy consumption mainly depends on the white aluminum oxide 120 grit production method.

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Decomposition technology includes high concentration carbon dioxide decomposition technology, white fused alumina continuous carbonation decomposition technology, high concentration carbonation decomposition and other processes of the rich ore intensified sintering method, red mud separation and coarse liquid desilication, carbonation decomposition technology to produce sandy brown fused alumina grit and crystal seed decomposition technology to produce sandy alumina. 

white aluminum oxide production process by Lime Bayer process (passed the appraisal in 1998). The main gap between China's alumina production and foreign alumina production lies in the following aspects. If the high alumina silica ratio ore is treated by the enriched ore intensified sintering method, the output of the black silicon carbide suppliers sintering method can be greatly increased and the production cost can be reduced without increasing a large amount of equipment investment. 

white corundum production process by Bayer process of positive flotation (passed the appraisal in 1999). Bayer process enhanced dissolution technology, including pipeline dissolution, single pipe preheating and pressure boiler indirect heating dissolution, pipeline preheating - retention tank dissolution technology, Bayer process unbalanced dissolution and dual aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh material method dissolution technology in the mixed combination method, etc.

Red mud flocculation sedimentation separation technology, steel grid including large-diameter flat bottom sedimentation tank technology, deep cone high-efficiency sedimentation tank technology. The high concentration carbon dioxide decomposition technology is implemented simultaneously with the lime proportioning technology, black silicon carbide factory which avoids the large amount of transportation problems required by the use of kiln gas decomposition due to the low concentration.

The continuous carbonation decomposition technology is a complete change of the brown aluminum oxide 70 grit intermittent carbonation decomposition process, and it is also a new technology developed and applied in the 1990s. At the same time, high specific surface area and coarse particles, it can speed up the decomposition of carbon and improve the utilization rate of carbon dioxide, especially to improve the quality of brown fused alumina for grinding products.

The brown aluminium oxide manufacturer original decomposition tank of the intermittent carbonation decomposition is transformed into 4-5 decomposition tanks in series for use. The continuous operation and continuous decomposition of the decomposition process are realized, the productivity of the equipment is improved, the absorption rate of carbon dioxide is increased, and the carbon dioxide is reduced Labor intensity of the operator. Technology has been applied in many aluminium oxide 36 grit factories.

In particular, the decomposition mechanism of white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit hydroxide has changed greatly, which is not only carbonation decomposition, but also has a mixed decomposition mode, which not only improves the chemical quality of products, but also improves the physical quality of products. The decomposed brown aluminum oxide blast media hydroxide is a product with agglomerated type, and becomes mature for producing sandy alumina.

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