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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Suppliers Belgium

The commonly used starches are as follows: corn starch is extracted from corn seeds(240 grit aluminum oxide). The refined upper rice starch is white in color and fine in particle; the crude products are poor in quality, yellow in color and contain more protein. Proteins decompose into amino acids, which make pulp susceptible to spoilage and foaming(46 grit aluminum oxide). Corn starch particles are hard and need to be fully soaked and cooked to soften and gelatinize.

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It is easy to adhere evenly and elastic when sizing, but the size film is brittle, so some softener should be added(brown fused alumina). The viscosity of sweet potato starch decreased significantly after boiling for more than 2 hours. The strength of starch film is weaker than that of other starch, and the elongation is equal to that of potato and corn starch, and the hardness of starch film is medium, which is between wheat starch and potato starch(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight).

Acorn starch is processed from acorn(garnet suppliers). But when gelatinization, the viscosity rises sharply, and then gradually decreases and becomes unstable. Therefore, when it is used alone, there is a big difference in sizing rate. Generally, a small amount of potato starch is used in combination with corn starch or wheat starch(1200 grit aluminum oxide). Cassava starch is a kind of root starch made from cassava tuber, which is an economic crop in central and southern provinces of China.

Wheat starch is made by removing gluten from flour after processing, also known as small flour(brown aluminum oxide). The powder is white in color, small and uniform in size, and the viscosity of the slurry is lower than that of corn starch, but it is stable. The permeability and smoothness are good, but the film forming property is not good, and the elongation of the size film is small(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). If treated with decomposing agent, it has better film-forming property.

Potato starch has good film-forming, flexing resistance, friction resistance and slurry permeability(glass bead blasting media suppliers). After boiling, the viscosity of wheat starch decreased more than corn starch, but it was much better than sweet potato starch. Its complete gelatinization temperature is low, and the gelatinization is even, and the mixing is easy(100 grit aluminum oxide media). When cooking at high temperature, the viscosity changes little and the permeability is good.

The viscosity of cassava starch is high, but it is not boiling resistant, and its viscosity stability is poor(brown aluminium oxide). The serosa lacks flexibility. In the process of starch hydrolysis, acid mainly plays a catalytic role. It can reduce the activation energy of glucoside bond and improve the hydrolysis speed(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). A part of soluble starch can be added into the starch slurry, which can increase the soaking amount of the matrix, generally 30%.

Acorn is a wild plant(garnet abrasive). Acorn contains 50% starch and 10% tannin. Tannin is more corrosive to the machine, and the product of its reaction with iron is not easy to remove when it is brought to the fabric. Acorn starch is earthy yellow, with fine particles and stable viscosity. However, the adhesive force of the slurry is low, the size film is rough and the hand feel is hard(steel grid). Corn starch has strong adhesion and good permeability.

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