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120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Suppliers Mexico

After construction and during use(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit), it shall have necessary cohesiveness to ensure that it is integrated with masonry or bottom layer, so that it has the effect of gas resistance and slag erosion; It also has thermal expansibility similar to that of masonry or bottom material, so as to avoid separation from each other and rupture of mud layer(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh); use environment and construction characteristics

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It is mainly used as the joint and coating materials for building refractory brick masonry(white fused alumina). When it is used as coating, its quality is closely related to whether the protective layer can make the bottom layer give full play to its due effect and extend its service life(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). Refractory mud must have good fluidity and plasticity to facilitate construction; in industrial kilns, various kinds of fire mud are often selected according to the nature of masonry.

When it is used as joint material, its quality has a considerable impact on the quality of masonry(garnet suppliers). It can adjust the size error and irregular shape of the brick to make the masonry neat and load balanced, and make the masonry form a strong and tight whole to resist the damage of external forces and prevent the invasion of gas and molten liquid(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). The erosion resistance of the spray material is related to the material.

It includes heat insulation refractory products, refractory fiber and refractory fiber products(white aluminum oxide). The characteristics of insulating refractories are high porosity, generally 40% ~ 85%; low bulk density, generally lower than]. 5g / cm3; low thermal conductivity, generally lower than 1.0W (m · K). It can be used as heat insulation material of industrial furnace, reduce heat loss of furnace(brown fused alumina for grinding), save energy, and reduce the quality of thermal equipment.

Insulating refractory is also called light refractory(glass bead blasting media suppliers). According to the shape of products, it has the same or equivalent chemical composition with masonry or bottom layer material, so as to avoid the first destruction of the place with fire mud and the chemical reaction that may cause harm between different materials(brown aluminum oxide blast media); it can be divided into fixed heat insulation refractory products and irregular heat insulation refractory products.

There are many kinds of heat insulation and refractory products(white corundum), and their classification methods are mainly as follows: according to the use temperature, they are divided into low-temperature heat insulation refractory materials (use temperature is 600-900 ℃)(white aluminum oxide 120 grit), medium temperature heat insulation refractory materials (use temperature is 900-200 ℃) and high-temperature heat insulation refractory materials (use temperature is greater than 1200 ℃). 

Refractory mud is a kind of amorphous refractory material composed of powder materials and binders for mixing mud(steel grid). Magnesium insulation plate is mainly used as the lining of alloy steel continuous casting tundish. According to the raw materials, it can be divided into clay, high aluminum, silicon, magnesium and other thermal insulation refractories(brown fused alumina grit). Refractory mud is mostly mixed with water (or aqueous solution) into mud for use.

Thermal insulation refractory products refer to refractory products with porosity not less than 45%(garnet abrasive). According to the volume density, it can be divided into general light refractories (volume density is 0.4-1.0g / cm) and super light refractories (volume density is less than 0.4g / cm)(black silicon carbide suppliers). According to the production method, it can be divided into burn out method, foam method, chemical method and porous material method.

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