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The brown fused alumina structure of a-Al2O3 is the main structure type of A2B3. Corundum crystal is an ionic crystal. The negative electrical x values of the elements Al and O were found. When xo = 3.5, xN = 1.5, and xo-xM = 2.0, the ionic bonds in Al2O3 accounted for 63%, and the covalent bonds accounted for 33%. Since the brown aluminum oxide factory crystal is an ionic crystal, its lattice element is not Al2O3 molecule, but should be O- or Al + ion.

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The lattice of AlOA can be calculated as 15.3 MJ / mol (3666 kcal / mol) by the Kapusinski formula, 240 grit aluminum oxide and the value obtained by the Hubble cycle experiment is 13.57 MJ / mol (3246 kcal / mol). It can be seen that they are very consistent. The lattice stability can be compared on a quantitative basis. The larger the lattice energy of an ionic crystal, the higher its hardness, and the higher its melting point. brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers crystals belong to the trigonal system, and the unit cell is rhombohedron.

 This is very important when the two indices are converted.The bonding force of osmium ion bond is relatively strong, so the brown aluminum oxide crystal has high hardness, high strength and high melting point. The rhombohedron has a side length of 0.512 nm and a plane angle of 55 ° 17. Each unit cell contains two molecules, ie 10 ions. The diamond-shaped unit cell of aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media can also be converted into a hexagonal unit cell. For corundum crystals, a hexagonal index is usually used.

The shape of the 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight O-polyhedron is octahedron. The converted unit cell is three times as large as the diamond-shaped unit cell, that is, it contains 6 Al2O3 molecules and a total of 30 ions. From the point of view of the crystal structure of corundum, the arrangement of O ions is close to the layered hexagon. The sequence of oxygen ions is arranged according to ABA ..., black silicon carbide manufacturers and repeated once after six layers. The ratio is 2: 3, so there are only two-thirds of the octahedral gap.

From the figure, the brown aluminium oxide space between every three oxygen ions is divided into two types, with the center of the tip pointing upwards as B and the center of the tip pointing downwards as C. The radius of Al + is 0.057nm; the radius of O is 0.136nm, and r + / r = 0.419. According to the relationship between the 120 grit aluminum oxide positive and negative ion radius ratio and the coordination number, we know that the coordination number of A1 + is 6.

AP + is filled in the octahedral gap composed of 6 O-, but the number of Al + and-is different. Filled with A +, the 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media remaining third of the gap is empty. Similar to two different unit cell extraction methods, there are also two kinds of surface indexes of 100 grit aluminum oxide crystals: diamond-shaped coordinate surface indexes, which are represented by the symbol (mnp), and hexagonal coordinate surface indexes are represented by (Chkic) and (hk · c).

The rhombohedron and hexagonal unit cell are the actual structure of 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media, and X-ray diffraction can fully measure and prove this. At present, the unit cell of c / a = 1.365 is called the unit cell of corundum morphology, and the actual unit cell of corundum (c / a = 2.73) is called the structure unit cell. In actual rhombohedral unit cells, not only the C-axis is twice as large as the morphological unit cells, but the brown aluminum oxide 80 grit orientation of the two units is 180 ° different.

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