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1200 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers Philippines

A reasonable drying system should be determined when designing a dryer or when a new type of brown fused alumina tool is put into production. The drying system refers to the drying speed (drying time) specified in each drying stage. The drying speed generally needs to be controlled by medium temperature and humidity, air flow rate, etc. In actual production, soft hardness of aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit tools, we always hope to dry faster.

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However, if the brown aluminum oxide drying speed is too fast, the blank is easy to deform and crack, and it is limited by the drying equipment and conditions. Because of the poor heat transfer between the body and the drying medium, and the rapid temperature rise, the temperature gradient inside and outside the body is easy to occur, resulting in thermal stress and defects. Humidity, like temperature, brown fused alumina manufacturer is also the main factor affecting the drying system, which is best controlled.

(1200 grit aluminum oxide suppliers philippines)Nature of drying medium. The brown aluminium oxide drying speed should not be too fast. The influence factors are: the sensitivity of green body to drying, mainly referring to the shrinkage property of green body. Shape, size and thickness of green body. The blank with complex shape, large body and thick wall is easy to produce shrinkage stress during drying, and the low density white alumina drying speed should not be too fast. Drying method. Different drying methods should have different drying speed.

The 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media drying speed of low humidity and high temperature air is faster than that of high humidity and low temperature air. The two factors, the placing mode and the air flow, directly affect the external diffusion of the billet. The air flow speed is fast, and the external diffusion speed is fast. Uniformity of drying. It includes the parts of a body and the bodies of the whole dryer. The white fused alumina manufacturer uniformity is good, the quality of the green body is high, and the drying speed can be improved.(1200 grit aluminum oxide suppliers philippines)

They are one of the main factors that affect the diffusion of green body in vitro. The 100 grit aluminum oxide media production mainly depends on adjusting the temperature of drying medium to control the drying speed, and the humidity is rarely controlled. The temperature of medium is high and the drying speed is fast, but the white fused alumina suppliers temperature of medium can't be increased at will, so it should be made reasonably. First of all, it should be considered whether the bad body can be evenly heated.

(1200 grit aluminum oxide suppliers philippines)Therefore, the drying temperature should not rise too fast. There is also the 1200 grit aluminum oxide problem of thermal efficiency. If the medium temperature is raised too high, the thermal efficiency will be reduced. Finally, the increase of medium temperature is limited by drying equipment and heat source. The dryer does not consider the humidity of the medium, so the brown fused aluminium oxide management and equipment structure are simple, but it is unreasonable from the point of view of drying process.

The drying speed depends on the air flow rate and flow rate to a great extent, but it must be ensured that the hot air can blow evenly to the 46 grit aluminum oxide surface of the billet, and the billet can dry evenly, so as to improve the drying speed. When making the drying curve, the following factors should be taken into account: loose tissue, coarse grain, rapid evaporation of water, short drying time; otherwise, tight tissue, fine grain white fused alumina price, high hardness of abrasive tools drying time is long.(1200 grit aluminum oxide suppliers philippines)

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