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1200 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Supplier

The market share of aluminum oxide grit abrasives is increasing. The main 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media abrasives are divided into corundum and silicon carbide. Due to the special characteristics of silicon carbide, it becomes the king of abrasives. Abrasives are materials used for grinding, and now they are generally classified as ordinary emery abrasive and superhard abrasives. Silicon carbide is one of the important components.

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Silicon carbide resin grinding stone is composed of silicon carbide abrasive and resin. It can be pressed with phenolic resin and poured after mixed with liquid resin. It is mainly used in fine grinding and pressing, which is characterized by good durability and infiltration during grinding, especially in marble processing, good grinding luminosity and efficiency, but the 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight cost is relatively high. It is mainly used in fine-grained grinding.

(1200 grit aluminum oxide wholesale supplier)Phenolic grinding stone is easy to be colored when brown fused alumina manufacturer grinding light colored stone, which is the main reason why it can not be widely used. The grinding stone poured by mixing the fine silicon carbide powder and other materials with resin is the main method for polishing granite, terrazzo and concrete. Ceramic grinding stone is made of silicon carbide abrasive mixed with glass and sintered at high temperature.

It is characterized by good durability, easy blockage, grinding slip and high cost. Now it is used less. In conclusion, green silicon carbide has an irreplaceable position in brown fused alumina abrasives, which makes it the king of abrasives. Our company is specializing in the production of abrasive silicon carbide, brown corundum manufacturers, good reputation, good products, price concessions. Emery can be used in all walks of life, so now many white fused alumina suppliers are researching and producing better emery products.

black silicon carbide, commonly known as carborundum, chemical SiC, colorless crystal, blue black when containing impurities. Similar to diamond, each silicon atom is surrounded by four carbon atoms, and each carbon atom is surrounded by four silicon atoms, forming "giant molecules" The hardness is next to diamond, the alumina grit density is 3.217 g / cm3, and the melting point is about 2700 ℃ (decomposition and sublimation).(1200 grit aluminum oxide wholesale supplier)

The chemical property is stable, and it does not react with chlorine, oxygen, sulfur and strong acid at high temperature, but it can react with alkali. silicon carbide abrasive with stable chemical properties generally can not produce carbon dioxide and 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media carbon monoxide. 1. Compressive strength MPa 7d ≥ 60, 28d ≥ 70. 2. Impact resistance MPa 7d ≥ 8, 28d ≥ 9.5. 3. Morse strength ≥ 8. 4. Wear resistance mass loss mg 1000r / 500g ≤ 3000.

Here is an introduction to the chemical nature and international technical standards of white corundum. Our company has been insisting on the service principle of "customer first" for a long time. We will bring you the best brown aluminum oxide products with high-quality products and reasonable prices. Warmly welcome the new and old users to guide and order our products!(1200 grit aluminum oxide wholesale supplier)

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