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Calcium fluoride can reduce the primary crystallization temperature of electrolyte, reduce the working temperature of electrolytic cell, and increase the interfacial tension between molten aluminum and electrolyte(1200 grit aluminum oxide). It is beneficial to reduce the dissolution of aluminum in electrolyte(alumina sand); It can reduce the vapor pressure of electrolyte and reduce the volatilization loss of electrolyte. 

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What side reactions may occur on the cathode, and what are their hazards? In addition to the above-mentioned main reaction, the following side reactions may also occur on the cathode(1200 grit aluminum oxide): the dissolution reaction of aluminum(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Aluminum plants generally use magnesium fluoride and calcium chloride together, and the sum of the two does not exceed 12% of the total electrolyte. 

Magnesium fluoride (the effect on electrolyte properties is similar to that of calcium chloride, but some effects are more obvious(aluminium oxide blasting). For example, it plays a stronger role in increasing the interfacial tension between electrolyte and liquid aluminum, promoting the convergence of aluminum, reducing the wettability of electrolyte to carbon materials and promoting the separation of carbon residue than calcium chloride(1200 grit aluminum oxide).

The advantage of magnesium chloride in promoting the separation of carbon residue is enough to make up for the electrolysis caused by the addition of magnesium chloride The disadvantage of reducing mass conductivity(1200 grit aluminum oxide). In addition, AIF will reduce the conductivity of electrolyte, reduce the solubility of alumina in electrolyte and increase the volatilization of electrolyte, which is unfavorable to the electrolytic process(garnet sand). 

Otherwise, the operation control will be difficult due to the significant decrease of the solubility of alumina in the electrolyte(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The measurement of electrolyte conductivity in the laboratory is completed by molten salt conductivity tester(corundum sand). According to the technical conditions determined by themselves, each electrolytic plant selects electrolytes with a certain pH, and their molar ratios are in the range of 2.0-2.8(aluminum oxide blasting grit). 

Lithium fluoride (LIF) It can significantly reduce the initial product temperature of electrolyte and significantly improve its conductivity; in addition, it can also reduce the density of electrolyte(180 grit aluminum oxide). We classify this dissolution as physical dissolution. The process can be expressed as follows(1200 grit aluminum oxide): the types of gaseous substances produced by the anode are related to the anode materials used.

Generally, when cations reach the cathode surface, they undergo electrochemical reaction to obtain electrons and become aluminum atoms to obtain liquid aluminum(120 grit aluminum oxide); when anions reach the anode, they undergo electrochemical reaction on the anode surface, lose electrons and generate gaseous substances(1200 grit aluminum oxide). Lithium carbonate reacts with aluminum fluoride in the electrolyte to transform into lithium fluoride. 

At this time, when an inert anode is used (no anode is consumed), that is, the anode material itself does not participate in the chemical reaction, and the anode gas is oxygen(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). At this time, the aluminum electrolytic cell has become an oxygen generator and the electrolytic workshop has become a large oxygen bar(black silicon carbide). Moreover, Zhang Mingjie, Qiu Zhuxian and other scholars have used the test results to verify it(1200 grit aluminum oxide). 

In aluminum electrolysis production, in order to improve the properties of electrolytes and facilitate production, various additives (also known as modifiers) are usually added to electrolytes In order to improve current efficiency, increase output and reduce energy consumption(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). In addition, the source of magnesium chloride is more difficult than calcium chloride, and the price is slightly expensive(1200 grit aluminum oxide). 

The anode gas is not oxygen, but a mixed gas of CO2 and CO(100 grit aluminum oxide). However, at present, no inert anode material that is economical and reasonable and whose performance can meet the requirements of large-scale industrial production has not been found(aluminum oxide grit blasting). There were two views on the main reaction that occurred on the aluminum cathode(1200 grit aluminum oxide). At this time, it is expected that the era of inert anode will not be far away.

The whole process of aluminum electrolysis can be briefly described as follows: solid aluminum oxide is added to cryolite melt, chemically dissolved, and ionized into anions and cations; after direct current is applied, the anions and cations are directed to the anode and the anode under the action of the electric field(aluminum oxide for sale). Aluminum dissolves into the electrolyte in an uncharged state to form a metal mist(1200 grit aluminum oxide). 

The cathode direction shifts(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The cations migrate to the cathode under the force of an electric field and react on its surface. The process can be expressed as: AM avoids the shift from 0, cation + anion is a liquid error m, +[CO,+C0]am The above process constitutes the basic principle of aluminum electrolysis(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). This dissolution can be divided into physical dissolution and chemical or electrochemical dissolution. 

Obviously, the dissolution of aluminum will cause the loss of part of the aluminum that has been precipitated, thereby reducing the current efficiency, which is detrimental to the production process, and should be contained as much as possible(aluminium oxide sand). The precipitation of metallic sodium(green silicon carbide). One view is that the cathode process is the precipitation of sodium first, and then the reduction of sodium to obtain aluminum. 

But calcium fluoride will reduce the solubility of alumina in the electrolyte, increase the density of the electrolyte, and slightly reduce the conductivity of the electrolyte. In the electrolysis process, the cathodic aluminum liquid at high temperature will also dissolve into the electrolyte(80 grit aluminum oxide). At present, there is no way to directly measure the conductivity of electrolyte melt on the aluminum electrolytic cell(1200 grit aluminum oxide). 

The influence of several additives on the properties of the electrolyte is summarized in the table(1200 grit aluminum oxide). Of course, this is what people dream of(aluminum oxide abrasive media). It is more difficult to test the precipitation of metallic sodium than aluminum, and a lower cathode potential is required for sodium precipitation(aluminium oxide blast media). Like other fluoride salts, lithium fluoride will also make oxygen The solubility of aluminum chloride in electrolyte decreased.

Another point of view is that the cathode process of aluminum is relatively simple, it is the direct precipitation of aluminum ions, the reaction is shown below, and the reaction is highly reversible(1200 grit aluminum oxide). There are several situations for chemical or electrochemical dissolution(70 grit aluminum oxide). However, as the temperature increases, this potential difference between sodium and aluminum precipitation becomes smaller and smaller. 

Lithium fluoride is a good electrolyte modifier, but the price is also more expensive than other chloride salts(steel grid). From the perspective of economic efficiency, general factories do not directly add lithium fluoride, but use lithium carbonate and other lithium salts instead of fluoride(1200 grit aluminum oxide). A large number of experimental studies are underway, and many breakthroughs have been made(alumina abrasive). This can appropriately reduce costs. 

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