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150 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Chile

The white fused alumina particle size is mostly mixed particle size. Most foreign companies require 0 ~ 10mm or 0 ~ 50mm. The power transmission smelting and cooling process is the same as that of garnet abrasive. After cooling, the spent material and silicon oxycarbide (yellow lump) are removed, 5 ~ 8 are medium tissues; and two products containing 97% and 88% SiC are classified from the crystallizing cylinder.

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The classification limit can be determined by chemical analysis according to user needs.white aluminum oxide has a long history as a refractory. Generally, which contain a lot of abrasive grains; a secondary product containing SiC ≥50% is used. This kind of green silicon carbide is the same as green silicon carbide for abrasives. There is no separate brand in China. Usually it should be supplied to the silicon carbon rod production plant after acid-base treatment.

(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers chile)Generally, F24 white corundum is supplied and will be crushed by the silicon carbon rod factory to the required particle size. Compared with silicon carbide abrasive, this silicon carbide has strict electrical performance requirements. Its production process is similar to that of black silicon carbide for abrasives, 9 ~ 14 are loose tissues, but the composition of the charge, power supply specifications, product classification, and quality standards are different.

The production of silicon carbide raw materials for lightning arresters is not as strict as the production of brown fused alumina factory. The dry content of the silica should be greater than 98%. The carbon raw material can be petroleum coke or anthracite. When petroleum coke is used, corundum white-containing raw materials, usually alumina powder, are added during the batching, so that 2% to 3% of the alumina content is maintained in the furnace charge.(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers chile)

Due to the uneven distribution of the added bauxite powder in the furnace charge, the quality of the brown aluminum oxide 250 grit produced by the refining fluctuates greatly. When anthracite is used as raw material, the quality of the product is relatively stable because various impurities in its ash have been evenly distributed in each particle. The content of A12O3 in anthracite ash can basically meet the requirements, so there is no need to add white fused alumina oxide mfg powder when batching.

(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers chile)Usually, people call 0 ~ 4 compact tissues, brown fused alumina suppliers which contain a small amount of abrasive grains, but this is only a relative term and it is related to the particle size. Because the anthracite ash contains a large amount of SiO2, it should be considered when calculating the formula, so the carbon should be slightly more. The charge of smelting arrester silicon carbide should avoid salt, so it should be strictly isolated from white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit charge and salt.

Because the smelting arrester of brown fused alumina 60 grit contains a large amount of Al2O3 components, they cannot be mixed with each other, otherwise the color of green silicon carbide will be affected. Due to the existence of a large amount of AlbO-containing components in the furnace charge, the furnace resistance varies widely, and the power supply specifications are very different from white fused aluminum oxide furnaces. The voltage range can reach 80 ~ 120V.(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers chile)

Most domestic plants use anthracite to smelt aluminium oxide grit suppliers for lightning arresters. In addition, generally no recycled material is added to the reaction material. The charge ratio is basically the same as that of black silicon carbide. It is characterized by no secondary materials such as secondary materials added. The appearance of the buy brown fused alumina crystal block for arresters is a black or gray-black glossy needle chain or tooth-shaped crystal block.

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