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150 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers In China

Indonesia, with a population of 245 million, including more than 10 million Chinese, is the fourth silicon carbide abrasive most populous country in the world. Indonesia's geographical position is very important. It is located at the crossroads of Asia and Oceania, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Its influence radiates to ten countries in Southeast Asia and faces Australia across the sea. Indonesia is the largest aluminum oxide abrasive economy in Southeast Asia and the only one in OPEC.

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Indonesia has been in the leading position in ASEAN, and is expected to become the 12th largest white fused alumina economic power in the world by 2020. In Indonesia, the competition in the abrasives Market is not as fierce as that in China, and the profits of the manufacturers are kept within a reasonable range. This undoubtedly means business opportunities for grinding and polishing enterprises. The price that dealers get from brown corundum wholesalers is 10 yuan, and the price of small slices is probably more than 1 yuan, or even higher. 

(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers in china)In Indonesia's Hardware City, there are more famous green silicon carbide brands of great white shark in China.However, in addition to the fierce competition here, environmental protection requirements are relatively high, employee benefits are relatively high, and the social security system is relatively mature. The cake looks attractive, but it's not easy to eat. At the beginning of 2013, China and India reached an agreement on the five-year aluminum oxide grit development plan for economic and trade cooperation.

In order to attract Chinese investors, the Indonesian government will also formulate preferential policies specifically for Chinese white aluminum oxide investors, including making relevant policies such as 5-year tax exemption for investors, and providing convenient conditions such as approval and tax exemption. It is understood that the Indonesian pink alumina abrasives market as a whole is relatively mature, with both European brands stationed and local brands processed in China.(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers in china)

 The supply and marketing mode of Indonesia's brown aluminium oxide hardware products is similar to that of China, and the universal existence of hardware city is a kind of evidence. Slightly different is that Indonesia's hardware city has made more detailed product segmentation, for example, there are not a few exclusive stores for abrasives and abrasives, and other 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media hardware products also have corresponding exclusive stores. This is different from the idea that domestic dealers prefer diversified operation.

(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers in china)Take 350 black slices as an example. If domestic enterprises want to enter the black silicon carbide local market, their business environment is very good. In addition, in the communication with local purchasers, we also learned that the current network is developed and the popularity rate is relatively high, and the procurement habits of the younger generation have gradually shifted from Hardware City Store procurement to 220 grit aluminum oxide network platform.

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