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150 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers South Korea

aluminum oxide grit abrasives are often fused with binders, that is, the fire resistance of the binders is 100-200 ℃ or even lower than the firing temperature (when considering the fire resistance of the binders, the influence of water glass should also be taken into account). The former is slightly lower than the firing temperature, brown fused alumina manufacturer and the latter is higher than the firing temperature.

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The same kind of corundum abrasive, due to the different A1203 content, different types and contents of impurities, different surface topography and other characteristics. Some manufacturers use different binders (such as brown corundum and white corundum) for different corundum abrasives, but they also use a kind of binder, which is different in the combination dose and water glass quantity in the formula. Usually, white corundum abrasives with the same hardness are used Add more binder and water glass.(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)

It is necessary to use different binders for different corundum abrasives. Generally speaking, white fused alumina are easy to reach a certain high strength, while for brown corundum, especially for the one with a height of more than 80m / s, some special measures need to be taken (such as coating and treatment on the surface of silicon carbide companies abrasive particles). The reason for this difference is as above, especially the difference in black oxide aluminum surface topography, which is often very important

(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)The experience of each factory has proved that in the lower hardness section, such as silicon carbide abrasive with hardness below m or N, the use of semi sintering and fusing combination can reduce the combination dose and improve the use performance of grinding wheel. In the higher hardness section, because the binder is larger in the formula, the aluminum oxide abrasive molding density is higher, and it is easy to produce black center and foaming phenomenon, white fused alumina manufacturer so it is suitable to use sintering binder.

The fine-grained abrasive tools are mostly white aluminum oxide, green silicon carbide or other types of corundum abrasive tools, while the common corundum abrasive tools are few. When grinding such abrasive tools, they are mostly precision grinding, with small amount of grinding removal, and they are required to keep sharp state. However, for some special products, such as grinding wheel for diamond dressing, some black fused alumina manufacturers have also successfully used semi sintering binder. 

(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)In addition, some public welfare factors are required, such as small shrinkage, easy to mix evenly when mixing green carborundum materials, and the fine-grained abrasive particles are often full of impurities. The low principal component makes this Range of abrasives should not use a larger degree of sintering binder, white fused alumina suppliers should not use water glass as a wetting agent(or it is not suitable to use water glass with high relative density).

 Of course, if water pouring technology is used, it is necessary to use a special binder. Ultra fine grinding tools, silicon carbide price such as micro powder grinding tools, are mostly used for precision grinding. In use, there are higher requirements for workpiece accuracy and surface roughness. In technology, it is more necessary to prevent drying and sintering shrinkage from being too large. Therefore, it is not possible to make the pink alumina binder with higher melting degree even use sintering binder.(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)

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