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150 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Taiwan

The hole diameter of the white aluminum oxide abrasive grinding wheel is an important matching part of the grinding wheel and the main shaft of the grinding machine, which requires high accuracy. Filling holes is a method of hole diameter processing. Compared with other aluminium oxide grit suppliers processing methods, it has the advantages of high production efficiency, easy hole diameter accuracy, simple operation, and low cost.

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Therefore, the hole filling method is more suitable for wholesale brown fused alumina grinding wheels with a particle size of F120 and a thicker, thicker thickness, and a hole diameter of 10 to 305 mm. When melting to 180 ° C, the crystal water is completely discharged. Lead is a shiny metal body with a relative density of 11, a brown fused alumina 60 grit melting point of 330 ° C, a purity of not less than 99.5%, and a melting temperature of (400 ± 10) ° C.(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers taiwan)

Irrigation hole materials commonly used are vulcanized cement, lead, hard plastic injection holes and hard plastic ring inlay holes, white fused alumina which are formulated from sulfur powder, feldspar powder, graphite powder or talc powder. Sulfur is a light yellow crystalline solid. The brown fused alumina factory main component is sulfur, with a density of 1.96 to 2.07 g / cm and a melting point of 119 ° C. When melting to 140 ° C, a part of the crystal water is discharged.

(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers taiwan)Technical requirements: sulfur content ≥95% ash ≤5% melting point 110 ~ 120 ° C moisture ≤1.0%. Feldspar powder is generally potassium feldspar, the white fused aluminium oxide particle size should not be too coarse, otherwise it may precipitate in liquefied fluidized cement. RTechnical requirements: carbon content ≥86%, moisture <1%, volatiles <7%, impurities <2%, ash <1%, corundum white particle size 46 on a sieve 0%, 100% sieve <0.2%.

The graphite is replaced by talc when the white corundum abrasive tool is filled with holes. The strength of vulcanized cement is related to the proportion. When feldspar and talc account for more than 13% of the sulfur volume, the strength of the vulcanized cement increases significantly, but the white fused alumina oxide mfg ratio is too large to affect the fluidity of the liquid vulcanized cement. Can be heated with coal or gas.(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers taiwan)

The brown aluminum oxide 250 grit tools for filling holes are mainly base, gland, mandrel, septum, turntable and so on. Properties required for ballast or bonding adhesives: good water resistance and alkali resistance after curing, under the action of cooling liquid, the bonding strength will not be significantly reduced: curing After the strength can meet the requirements of use; white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit curing time is more than 4h, the curing process is simple.

(150 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers taiwan)Basic standards include terminology, symbols, and codes. However, for white aluminum oxide fine-grained wheels, liquid state before curing, easy to apply; the hole-filling material is not easy to adhere firmly to the hole wall. equirements: 180 sieve ≤ 0.5%, 240 sieve ≥ 98%. Graphite powder is flaky crystal, vulcanized cement, density 1.77 ~ 1.80g / cm. Excessive water content in sulphur reduces the white fused aluminum oxide strength of vulcanized cement.

These items directly affect the use of brown fused alumina suppliers grinding wheels. Divided into two kinds of grinding and cutting. Wet processing is often used, there are two methods of abrasive grain free grinding processing and artificial diamond grinding wheels. Rigid plastics include polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and polyamide. Melting furnace, the buy brown fused alumina volume is determined according to the production situation, generally 0.03 ~ 0.05m2.

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