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150 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Suppliers USA

In the past ten years, more than a dozen factories of internationally renowned abrasive and 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media abrasive groups around the world, and many large domestic resin abrasive manufacturing companies have incorporated 30% -50 % Black corundum is made of aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit composite abrasives for the production of abrasive tools such as resin wheels, resin cutting blades, resin abrasive tablets, and resin ultra-thin sheets.

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When brown fused alumina composite abrasives are used to make resin abrasive tools, generally based on the grading of the original abrasive grain size, the coarse grain size of the original abrasive is slightly reduced or not reduced, and a slightly finer grain size or 30-50% black is used. The black corundum and calcined brown fused alumina manufacturer are compounded according to the appropriate ratio to make coated abrasives, which are used to polish wood and metal.(150 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers usa)

Adding a finer particle size (such as # 60 + 70, # 70) of 100 grit aluminum oxide media with a total abrasive weight of 5% in a large resin cutting blade can significantly improve surface flatness and improve durability. As early as six years ago, Saint-Gobain, an internationally renowned abrasive abrasive group, first used black corundum to make coated abrasives, and has been using them in batches. It has a better polishing effect than pure calcined low density white alumina and has a very high cost performance. 

(150 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers usa)The technology research and development center used abrasive cloth made of pure black corundum, pure brown aluminum oxide, black corundum and brown corundum in different proportions to convert into abrasive belts, and conducted tens of thousands of abrasive belt grinding tests, which proved the production of composite abrasives of black corundum and white fused alumina manufacturer. The polishing effect of stainless steel belt is better than that of pure black corundum and pure brown corundum.

The domestic use method is generally to bond one or more layers with resin on the 1200 grit aluminum oxide cement roadbed. There are still many companies in full swing in research and development and experiments. In the past two years, more and more coated abrasive manufacturing companies in China have also seen the unique properties of black corundum, using white fused alumina suppliers composite white fused alumina price to make coated abrasive products, especially for coated abrasive enterprises with R & D capabilities.

(150 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers usa)Asphalt is used as a binder abroad, and brown aluminium oxide is used as aggregate to lay the pavement, bridge surface or floor surface. Abrasives compounded with black corundum and brown corundum at appropriate proportions are used to coat abrasive tools, which not only greatly reduces the cost of raw materials, but also makes the brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers product performance more suitable for processing objects, makes the grinding effect better, and has a higher cost performance.

46 grit aluminum oxide substitutes for compounding. At present, several leading companies in the domestic coated abrasive industry have achieved staged results in the research and application of black corundum, and have been put into use in batches. It is believed that brown fused aluminium oxide products will definitely exert their own advantages in the coated abrasives industry, promote the richer products of the coated abrasives industry, and better suit the different needs of the market.(150 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers usa)

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