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180 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media China

The main components of glass are carborundum, white fused alumina, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, lime and bauxite, lead lead and so on. The main ingredients are sodium glass. First, silica sand, lime, soda ash, etc. are put into the crucible kiln at a high temperature of 1450 ℃ for 16 hours. After being mixed and melted into a thick liquid, they are placed on the 150 grit aluminum oxide mould to form it.

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Generally, glass raw materials form liquid viscous liquid after burning and dissolving. In order to make them alumina abrasive cool and take shape, most of them adopt the blowing method. They use models made of various materials. to make the required molds in advance, pour the melted glass liquid into the models, and then open the models after cooling. They are generally used for the 220 grit aluminum oxide tools that cannot be made by blowing glass.

The other is blow molding, that is, blow glass, white aluminum oxide which is to take out a proper amount of glass solution, put it on one end of the iron blow pipe, blow on one side, and rotate on the other side, and use scissors or pliers to shape it with skilled techniques. The hot glass paste is injected into the engraved pattern by the die pressing method to become a block, and the 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media pattern is pressed at the same time.

During the period, the decoration techniques such as white alumina powder sand blasting, color adding, gold foil inlaying, flower grinding, carving, medicine soaking, etc. In sand mold casting, the mold is pressed into the sand with moderate depth to spray wet acetylene to avoid the collapse of the 80 grit aluminum oxide sand mold. The glass paste is put into the sand mold, and the glass is taken out after it is slightly cold, and then it is ground and processed.

One of the earliest techniques for white corundum making glass windows is to mix soil and horse manure to make a embryo heart package outside the metal bar, then dip the hot glass paste to become the main body of the container, draw patterns around the glass wire on the outside figure, and then dig out the embryo heart after Xu Leng. The torch thermoplastic is heated by a small spray gun or torch, and is also known as the fine grit aluminum oxide torch thermoplastic.

It only uses boron glass or sodium glass bars of various colors, and 60 grit aluminum oxide uses stretching, twisting, winding and other techniques to continuously combine into a shape, which is suitable for small and delicate performances. It can also be divided into solid, hollow and wire drawing thermoplastics due to the different glass rods used. In addition, it can be combined with color painting to increase the interest of the 240 grit aluminum oxide work.

Blowing originated in the Roman Empire in the first year of the Western Yuan Dynasty, aluminum oxide abrasive media is still the most important, widely used and most varied method of making glass technology. Most of the factories, such as glass beads, animals and plants. This method can be used for mass production. Then they are added after being cooled for 12 hours. 180 grit aluminum oxide were applied, such as wood, clay, metal, etc. 

The 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media blowing process mainly refers to taking molten glass paste from the blow pipe, forming small bubbles by blowing air, then using tools to make thermoplastics, then taking a small amount of glass from another blow pipe for bridging and connecting the bottom, knocking down the work Xu Leng. In addition, various kinds of 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media metal chromogenic agents are used in firing, and the glass just has different colors.

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