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180 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Japan

fused aluminum oxide has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity and impact resistance. It is used in many industries such as metal smelting, iron and steel, metallurgical casting, refractories and building materials ceramics. What do you know about the white corundum frit? Its use has a long history. 

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Here's a specific summary of the structural characteristics of the aluminium oxide blasting grit frit: the white corundum frit is covered The structure of the layer is solid, with porous lamellar crystals, and the lower layer is often sandwiched with fine grains with many cylindrical pores. White corundum block furnace core has a solid structure, larger pores, especially developed in the center, large glass like, porous and different shapes of black synthetic corundum crystals, not white in color, mostly gray white dark gray.

(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media japan)The crystal in the middle and lower part of the silicon carbide price frit is coarse, compact in structure, the most white in color and the best in crystal luster. The edge of white corundum frit has larger crystal, but it is loose. It is mostly columnar or granular crystal block with pores and microcrystalline corundum near the edge. Carborundum is also an abrasive. There are two kinds of artificial corundum. One is artificial carborundum and the other is natural carborundum.

It is widely used because of its hardness, particle size, shape and grinding force. white fused alumina is a kind of grinding material made by screening and grading. In ancient China, there were examples of using emery to grind crystal glass and various jade. According to the size of particles, aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit can be divided into three categories: coarse, medium and fine. Among them, the coarse order is black red, the middle order is light red, and the fine order is red white.(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media japan)

All kinds of mesh size and shape are uniform, with sharp edges and high grinding force. It can be used for green carborundum industry to grind marble and other soft materials. Glass industry can grind glass burr, TV picture tube, optical instrument, lens, prism, watch glass, etc. Metal industry sandblasting, derusting, grinding. Printing industry, as well as light industry processing plastic samples, leather and other uses. Our country is rich in emery abrasive resources, especially mineral resources.

(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media japan)Except for a few varieties, almost all of the raw materials for white aluminum oxide are available in the main raw materials mines in our country, and the reserves are rich, such as magnesite, dolomite, graphite, bauxite, clay, etc. These mineral resources of our country supply more than 20 million tons of abrasives, refractories, metallurgical auxiliary materials and other enterprises' production needs every year. Every year, a lot of synthetic corundum and diamond abrasives are exported.

Only a few silicon carbide companies abrasives are in short supply. At present, China's Chromite reserves are small, and only a few areas in Northeast, Shaanxi and Tibet have mines. What's more, the raw material for smelting brown corundum is bauxite, although Henan and Guizhou are rich in reserves. However, it is necessary to compete with the arc fused alumina smelting industry, which is paid special attention by the state, so that there are few or poor quality or difficult to mine for abrasives.(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media japan)

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