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180 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Manufacturers UAE

In order to achieve high grinding efficiency, the white fused alumina abrasive should be replaced immediately when the particles are passivated and the effect is slow. The grinding time can be determined by experiments, and the grinding time of the fine grinding is 1 to 3 minutes. In summary, alumina abrasive grinding is generally performed with coarser abrasives, higher pressures, and lower speeds in order to quickly correct part geometry and cut excess machining allowance.

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When a white aluminum oxide factory processes the outer circle of the workpiece in large quantities, the diameter and quality of the workpiece are large. If the finished machine is used, the surface roughness is not ideal, and the processing time is long. Later, the roughing was first carried out on a large vertical lathe to a surface roughness Ra20um, leaving a corundum abrasive grinding allowance of 0.14 mm, and then the contact wheel belt grinding device was clamped to the knife holder small slide of the large vertical lathe.(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media manufacturers uae)

Both are not forced by external forces. The brown aluminium oxide grinding method at the position (first removing the tool holder of the lathe and the small slide) makes the surface roughness of the workpiece meet the requirements and improves the processing efficiency. The grinding time of the coarse grinding depends on the cutting performance of the selected abrasive particles. Fine grinding is then carried out with finer alumina grit abrasives, lower pressures and higher speeds to achieve precise part size and better surface finish.

(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media manufacturers uae)Grinding is mainly the process of unraveling the part at a certain pressure and relative speed by the silicon carbide abrasive abrasive embedded on the surface of the tool. The grinding process is characterized by the relative confusing or rolling of the workpiece and the grinding tool under the condition of no mandatory guidance, with the aid of adding abrasive between the two (incorporating or searching for synthetic corundum price and turbidity on the surface of the grinding tool) Jing) plays a cutting role.

They are in a floating state to avoid errors or defects caused by special green silicon carbide mechanical forces. At the same time, due to the chemical reaction between the polishing liquid and the surface of the workpiece, an oxide film which is easily scraped off by the abrasive is formed on the surface of the workpiece to accelerate the grinding. Therefore, the principle of cutting is generally considered to be the result of a combination of mechanical and chemical effects. The relative motion between the aluminum oxide grit abrasive tool and the workpiece should include the following aspects.

(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media manufacturers uae)Abrasive belt grinding replaces the fine car wheel workpiece of the vertical car. The black silicon carbide moving direction must be changed periodically to promote the uniform distribution of the abrasive. The surface of the workpiece is crossed vertically and the surface of the tool is evenly worn. The workpiece is uniformly grounded by the grinding surface. It is necessary to make the workpieces on the surface of the aluminum oxide abrasive grinding surface equal to the sliding path on the surface of the tool, so that the cutting of each point is uniform.

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