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180 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Philippines

The only way to produce brown fused alumina in industry is alkali process(aluminum oxide grit). Alkali process is to treat bauxite with alkali industrial caustic soda Noh or pure acid naco2, so that the alumina in the right middle of the ore can be transformed into sodium aluminate solution. Alumina produced by Bayer process usually contains a small amount of impurities(aluminium oxide blasting). The typical impurity content summary table is shown in the table. 

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The physical properties of alumina are very important to ensure the normal electrolysis process and improve the gas purification efficiency(silicon carbide abrasive). The requirements of modern aluminum industry for alumina are chemical purity and physical properties(silicon carbide 180 grit). There are many processes for producing alumina by alkali process, such as Bayer process, alkali lime sintering process and Bayer sintering combined process.

(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media philippines)Alumina is required to have smaller water absorption, better activity and appropriate particle size(synthetic corundum). Impurities such as iron, titanium and most of silicon in the ore become insoluble compounds and enter into residual (red mud). After purification and decomposition of sodium aluminate solution, oxyalumina is obtained(garnet suppliers). After separation, washing and general burning, oxyalumina is obtained. 

The content of impurity varies with the type of ore(green silicon carbide). If high silica bauxite is used, such as diaspore in China, the content of silicon and sodium in the product is very high when the ratio of aluminum to silicon is 4-7. A well operated electrolytic cell is in heat balance, will precipitate at the cathode prior to the wrong ions in the electrolysis process(chrome corundum), and Tigo electrolyte is formed on the carbon side wall of the cell.

(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media philippines)Because the oxides of elements with positive potential than aluminum(emery abrasive), such as SiO2 and Fe2O3, the precipitated silicon and iron will enter the aluminum and reduce the original retention grade; while the oxides with negative potential than aluminum, such as N0 and c2o, will decompose the tourmaline(steel shot abrasive), change the electrolyte composition and increase the consumption of oxygen and salt.

At this time, a lot of wood in alumina will also decompose aquarite, one is to cause ammonia salt consumption(black silicon carbide), the other is to increase the hydrogen content in aluminum, the third is to produce hydrogen chloride gas, which pollutes the environment, and P2O3 will affect the current efficiency(artificial corundum). The main alumina produced in China is classified according to the chemical purity as shown in the table.(180 grit aluminium oxide blasting media philippines)

At present, all branches of China lead industry Co., Ltd. organize production according to the national non-ferrous industry standard of alumina: YS / t274-1998(garnet abrasive). The gas discharged from the tank is sent to the dry cleaner for treatment through the capture system on the tank, and then discharged to the atmosphere after meeting the environmental requirements(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The table is the original quality standard of pechinmey.

(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media philippines)Different countries have different requirements for the quality standards of alumina(aluminum oxide abrasive). In addition to the requirements for silicon, iron, sodium and water content, they also have provisions for the content of trace impurities such as aluminum, phosphorus, zinc, titanium and calcium(brown fused alumina manufacturer). In terms of chemical purity, the impurity content and water content in alumina should be low, which is called "furnace side".

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