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180 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Suppliers UK

A castable refractory material containing white fused alumina and magnesia as main components. It includes an aluminum-magnesium castable with chemical bonding (water glass bonding), hydration bonding (pure calcium aluminate cement bonding) and agglomeration bonding (silica fine powder + magnesium oxide fine powder combination). According to the quality of the raw materials used, it can be divided into: ordinary black aluminum oxide media; ordinary high-alumina-spinel castable; alumina-magnesia castable; alumina-spinel castable.

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In the early (1980s), the common white aluminum oxide castable was a water glass solution as a binder, which was used as a ladle lining with good slag resistance and suitable for die-cast ladle lining. This kind of castable contains Nat0, which is made of water glass. It has low temperature softening point and poor resistance to slag corrosion. It is not suitable for 1200 grit aluminum oxide continuous casting ladle and outer steel ladle lining. Therefore, it is now changed to silica.(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers uk)

The fine powder and the brown aluminium oxide fine powder of magnesia are used as a binder, and the combination is caused by coagulation. In aqueous solution, the SiO 2 colloid is negatively charged, and the M four particles slowly release mg +' ions during hydration. When the ions are adsorbed by the negatively charged colloidal si hatching particles and the surface of the white fused alumina price siq colloidal particles reaches an isoelectric point, the Siq particles agglomerate and thereby form a binding effect.

(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers uk)Such agglomerated combination castable avoids the adverse effects of the silicon carbide price above-mentioned water glass combined with the castable Nat0, thereby improving the high temperature use performance of the castable. Water glass combined with aluminum-magnesium castables have been widely used as medium and small brown fused aluminium oxide continuous casting ladle linings. The mechanism of action of agglomeration is: Siq micropowder and iyi fine powder form a sol first in water.

Ordinary high-alumina-spinel castables are prepared by using special grade (or grade 1) high green carborundum bauxite aggregate and powder, alumina-based sintered spinel aggregate and powder, and the combination of castables There are two types: hydration (cement) combined and agglomerated. The composition of the common aluminum-magnesium castable with agglomeration is composed of: the aggregate is composed of high-alumina hot material particles of <5 2 40%, 47-10 mm 10%, 10-20 mm 50%, and the aluminum oxide grit is made of special grade.

(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers uk)High aluminum clinker silicon carbide companies powder (<0.074mm), sintered magnesia powder (<0.074mm) and silica micropowder (smoke silicon <1fern). The ratio of aggregate to powder is generally (65-70): (35-30). However, the mixing ratio of the powder (matrix) should strictly control the addition amount of the magnesia powder and the aluminum oxide abrasive micropowder, and the addition amount is determined by experiments according to the performance requirements.

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