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180 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Germany

Its main chemical composition is aluminum oxide (Al2O3), iron oxide (Fe2O3), and some silica (SiO2), titanium dioxide (TiO2) and other ingredients. aluminum oxide sandblasting media production process determines that the power consumption is lower than that of white fused alumina, with less emissions, and it is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective abrasive product.

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black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit abrasive is traditionally mainly used for surface blasting, grinding, polishing and other surface treatments of various workpieces, especially for stainless steel workpiece polishing. It has a unique advantage. The surface of the black alumina polished stainless steel workpiece is uniform and uniform, without burns. The traces can show the essential luster of stainless steel blue and black, and the value is very high.(180 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers germany)

In the past ten years, research on the application of black synthetic corundum has been gradually deepened and applied more widely. It has been found that black corundum is compounded with other abrasives with high hardness and durability, and the performance of the manufactured abrasive tools is better. Fibers made from aluminum oxide for sand blaster combined with other abrasives have good versatility and a wide range of applications. The particle size can be slightly thicker than the original abrasive size.

(180 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers germany)Black corundum composite first-grade white aluminum oxide, calcined corundum sand, silicon carbide and other abrasives with higher hardness and durability are used to make all kinds of fiber wheels, 100 clean cloths, nylon abrasive belts, sponge sand blocks, etc. Fiber wheels made of this type of composite abrasive have dual properties of polishing and grinding. Generally, the original abrasive is suitable for which application.

aluminium oxide 36 grit is a kind of gray-black crystal with Al2O3 and iron spinel as the main ore phase. After the experiment has determined that the appropriate composite ratio of black corundum is converted into the product, it will be used for this purpose. When black corundum is combined with other abrasives to make fiber wheels, because high purity fused aluminum oxide is a flexible and wear-resistant material, its hardness is lower than other abrasives.

(180 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers germany)When compounding, it can be considered that the particle size of white corundum is coarser than that of the original abrasive, and the particle size of other abrasives can be maintained. . Use pure aluminium oxide sandblasting to make all kinds of fiber wheels, clean cloth, nylon abrasive belt, sponge sand block, etc. Fiber wheels and other products made of pure black alumina are mainly used for polishing various workpieces, especially stainless steel.

Pure black aluminum oxide blast media should consider black corundum as a flexible wear-resistant material when making such products. The proportion of black corundum abrasive in the product can be increased as much as possible to increase the durability of the product. pink aluminium oxide is traditionally mainly used for the surface treatment of various workpieces, especially for stainless steel polishing. Have better cutting performance.(180 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers germany)

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