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180 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Philippines

Casting grade Baozhu sand (particle size of 10 ~ 300 mesh) is made of high-quality bauxite(aluminum oxide 16 grit), remelted, smelted and blown into spherical shape, with sphericity > 95%, roundness > 95%, fire resistance > 1800 ℃, strength > 65mpa, high surface finish and good air permeability(chrome corundum). It is a new casting material for precision casting, coated sand and self hardening sand. It has good collapsibility and is easy to clean sand.

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In the development of artificial sand, carbon sand, enstatite sand, mullite ceramsite, etc. were successfully developed in the United States or Japan(aluminum oxide 20 grit). Carbon steel thick wall casting at 1650 ℃ has no burning loss, pulverization and sand sticking. The products can be transported by water, which can meet the needs of iron casting production in East China and its surrounding areas(aluminium oxide polishing powder). Bao is mainly composed of alumina, so it has good fire resistance.

(180 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers philippines)The application test of Baozhu sand in lost foam casting has been carried out(high purity alumina price). The sand is a kind of artificial bead sand, neutral, with fire resistance up to 2000 ℃. The test results of high manganese steel grinding ball, printing machine wallboard, high manganese steel lining plate, oilfield big four-way pipe, cast iron, nodular iron, high manganese steel(white aluminum oxide abrasive), high alloy steel and carbon steel have been tested in large foundry enterprises.

Its early products were mainly exported to Japan, and then transferred to other countries by Japan(aluminum oxide 320 grit). Sand has a high degree of fire (1710 ℃) and resistance to metal oxidation and corrosion, which can effectively prevent the casting from chemical sand sticking and ensure a smooth casting surface and clear casting profile(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Therefore, the casting has high dimensional accuracy, less cracking and surface defects, and high yield of castings.(180 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers philippines)

Compared with other sand of the same type, the binder has a higher thermal expansion rate and is the same as the special sand such as ore storage sand(aluminum oxide 24 grit). A large amount of silica sand has been mined in this area, with complete processing and processing facilities. It has good fluidity and filling property, good formability and mold strength(silicon carbide 180 grit). At the beginning of its appearance, "baozhusha" was immediately valued by foreign countries.

(180 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers philippines)It is suitable for casting all kinds of refractory alloys(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit). The application of Baozhu sand makes it possible for castings that could not be made in the past. D specification: 10 ~ 14 mesh, 20 ~ 30 mesh, 30 mesh, 40 ~ 70 mesh, 100 ~ 140 mesh, 170 mesh. The grain shape is close to spherical shape, and the surface is smooth without concave convex veins(white aluminum oxide powder). Therefore, from a comprehensive point of view, the cost of sand increases.

The density of Baozhu sand is lower than that of chrome ore sand and cuoying sand (density)(aluminium oxide powder). When making the same model (core), the weight of sand used is greatly lower than that of chrome ore sand and cuoying Ying sand, and the production cost is correspondingly reduced(artificial corundum). The price is calculated according to the volume ratio, which is only 50% of chrome ore sand and 30% of cuoying sand, with pH value of 7.6.(180 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers philippines)

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