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180 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers South Africa

As we all know, α - Al2O3 is the crystal form needed for white fused alumina products, while the industrial alumina is mainly γ - Al2O3. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the industrial alumina at high temperature so that all γ - Al2O3 can be transformed into α - Al2O3, so as to ensure the excellent performance of the aluminum oxide grit material.

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High temperature treatment can also remove the alkali metal oxides from the industrial alumina, reduce the firing shrinkage of white aluminum oxide products, and reduce the deformation and cracking of products. Therefore, no matter how to make ordinary synthetic corundum brick with traditional refractory production method or how to make special refractory products with ceramic method, white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit raw materials with α - Al2O3 crystal form are basically used.(180 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)

There are three main methods for the preparation of white fused aluminum oxide raw materials: light burned corundum (light burned alumina), fused corundum and sintered corundum. Generally, the production process of sintered corundum is to pre burn industrial alumina to transform γ - Al2O3 into α - Al2O3, then fine grinding, pelletizing and high-temperature sintering, commonly known as two-step process; there is also a one-step process to produce black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media by directly grinding, pelletizing and high-temperature sintering of industrial alumina, namely γ - Al2O3.

(180 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)Its purpose is to completely transform γ - Al2O3 in industrial alumina into α - Al2O3, and the combustion temperature is generally not more than 1500 ℃, chrome corundum which is lower than that of sintered corundum, so it is called light burnt corundum. The production process of sintered corundum varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the following basic production processes are adopted: black aluminum oxide blast media raw material, grinding, mixing, forming, drying, firing, processing and inspection. 

As the raw materials for silicon carbide abrasive material preparation are rich and convenient, in terms of manufacturing technology, either the traditional refractory production process can be used to produce corundum refractories, or the method derived from traditional ceramics can be used to produce special refractories, namely high temperature ceramics. Light fired corundum is generally called light fired alumina, also known as alumina pre firing, aluminium oxide sandblasting which is an important process in the production process of special refractories. 

(180 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)As a result, green silicon carbide production technology is becoming more and more mature and varieties are increasing, which has become the most widely used refractories. Brown corundum abrasive is a kind of artificial corundum industrial raw material, which is widely used in refractory industry, various coating abrasives, consolidation abrasives production and grinding paste for metal materials processing and grinding.

Since 1951, it was successfully developed by Shenyang Sujiatun black silicon carbide grinding wheel factory, the first grinding wheel factory in China. So far, it has only a history of more than 60 years. In this half century, with the great economic achievements and social changes in China, the brown corundum industry has grown from nothing to have, from small to large, and the national production has exceeded 3 million tons from less than 10 tons a year at the beginning to now.

aluminum oxide abrasive started relatively late in China. To become the world's largest producer of brown corundum, we need the support of the party and the government and the advantages of various policies to make China's brown corundum advantage rise. black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit has the reputation of "industrial tooth", and it plays a very important role in the modernization of our country.(180 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)

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