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20 Mesh Aluminium Oxide Grit Manufacturers Germany

The service life of the hearth and bottom carbon bricks is greatly extended, generally reaching 12-15 years(brown aluminum oxide factory); while the long-life blast furnace in China is 8-10 years, and the short-life is only about 3 years, poor resistance to slag iron erosion. The reason is that the thermal conductivity of foreign carbon bricks is 10W / (m · K) at normal temperature and 20W / (m · K) at high temperature(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media), while the round carbon bricks are all lower than 10W / (m · K).

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Most of the carbon bricks used in the hearth and hearth of our country are domestic carbon bricks, with a single variety, low porosity, low thermal conductivity(brown fused alumina price). Compared with traditional large carbon blocks, the permeability is only 1/50 ~ 1/100 of the latter, and the thermal conductivity is 2 ~ 3 times higher(black silicon carbide powder). The table shows the physical and chemical properties of NCAR and NMD bricks of VCAR and the comparison of the performance of NMD bricks and SiC bricks.

In addition, domestic carbon brick aggregates are mainly anthracite and artificial graphite(black corundum). The advantages of foreign carbon brick performance are: the development of stomata to micro stomata, the pore size is reduced from 40um to less than 5um, and the formation of stomata changes from open pores to closed stomata(aluminum oxide blasting media), the shape of the NMA brick is small, thus reflecting low permeability, strong alkali and iron resistance, High density and good thermal performance. 

Anthracite has poor graphitization, many surface cracks, and uneven distribution of aggregate particle size(pink corundum). Anthracite particles are not tightly bound to the binder, and often have cracks. , The structure appears loose; while foreign carbon bricks use anthracite as the main aggregate(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), anthracite has a high degree of graphitization, a dense surface, few cracks, uniform distribution of aggregate particles, and a compact structure, impermeability, and insufficient strength.

Some domestic blast furnaces are built with American hot-pressed small carbon bricks in the hearth, which has a significant effect(white fused alumina). The hot-pressed carbon brick series products developed by American VCAR company can meet the requirements of permeability resistance, thermal conductivity, alkali resistance and mechanical strength(carborundum abrasives). At present, NMA bricks have excellent thermal conductivity, more than 300 blast furnaces in the world have been successfully used.

Therefore, in view of the above, extremely low permeability and excellent alkali resistance due to its excellent formula and special molding process and configuration(white aluminum oxide). In addition, and the thermosetting C-34 cement can provide expansion compensation, which can prevent thermal stress fracture and shrinkage and spalling(carborundum grit). Following Shougang's four blast furnaces, and NMA bricks were built in the "garlic" erosion zone at the junction of the hearth and hearth.

The high thermal conductivity of NMA bricks can promote the formation of protective "slag skins" or "iron shells" on the hot surface of the hearth wall(white corundum), preventing the penetration of carbon bricks by gas, molten slag iron, and alkali metals, and erosion and wear of slag iron(silicon carbide abrasive grit). China's Benxi Iron and Steel No. 5 blast furnace used American hot-pressed small carbon bricks for the first time in 1990, hot-pressed carbon bricks were selected, with obvious effects.

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