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Aqueous suspensions with a concentration of Al2O3, 67% to 75%, best alumium oxide for glass blasting are typical elastic viscous bodies in the entire pH range, showing relatively instantaneous elastic modulus E1, strength P and viscosity 7. Characteristics. Fully consistent with the characteristics of the potential change, when the pH value of the alumina suspension is 2 and 12, E1, P and 7. The aluminium oxide blasting value is the smallest and the potential is the largest. At pH 1.13 and 6, E1, P and knife.

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Gets sharply increased. The threshold value is the largest and the potential is approximately equal to zero. The limit mobility P of Al2O3 aqueous suspension is equal to zero. The aluminum oxide blast media suspension becomes an elastic-plastic viscous body, causing an increase in P at about 1% Al2O3 colloidal particle point. Suspensions are often studied more than coarse particles used in castable white alumina powder products and slurries containing a certain number of colloidal particles.

The comparison of the threshold values results in regularity, because these two constants reflect the degree of interaction (force) of the white aluminium oxide 180/220 particle. Therefore, the alumina slurry is based on the elastic-plastic viscous body, and its P, P, and 7 values change corresponding to the potential value at the same time. In acid media, the black alumina optimum pH range is not large according to P value. And accompanying. It does not increase much, but P increases more.

Under these conditions, the slurry is approximately elastic and viscous. In this pH range, a compact body that does not tend to soften with thixotropy can be obtained. brown aluminium oxide grit calcination temperature, grinding method, additives, and other factors that affect the rheological properties of the mud. Within the optimum range of pH, the white fused alumina for refractory process properties of the mud are also different. Use a value of 7 and P with a potential factor.

When the viscosity value (5 ~ 7MPa · s) near the failure of the structure, the stress of the complete failure of the brown fused alumina structure, the P in the direction of the decrease of the f potential is increased (from 0.08Pa to about 0.7Pa), and when the f potential drops below 50mV That is, near the "critical" value (near 30mV, the system starts to condense), the molecular interaction force between the particles is increased due to the decrease of the diffusion layer, alumina grit which makes 7 and P.

When the green body is formed by the brown aluminum oxide mud in this way, the potential is in the range of 50 ~ 120mV, and the thickness of the green body wall is P. The scale increases as shown in area a of curve 1. Since the structural strength limit of the mud is very small, the particles move within each other, and the formation is reduced by pouring with it, but the position occupied by the particles in the past is compatible with the minimum potential energy, that is, the 20 mesh aluminium oxide grit maximum density.

Individual brown aluminium oxide particles have high P-values and are difficult to move, as well as aggregated and condensed mud. Due to the formation of thicker formations and unevenness, the density of the casting body is not high. For example, ball mill wet alumina, its density is 2.20 ~ 2.25 g / cm °. It can be seen from the figure that the unfired industrial white aluminum oxide 80 grit, which attracts less than 15% of the mud, has a higher potential, between 110 and 240 mV.

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