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From the perspective of the influence of temperature and time on the conversion of goethite to hematite(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), under the conditions of low temperature Bayer method, due to the low reaction temperature, short dissolution time, and lack of sufficient hematite as crystal nuclei, it is difficult to occur(black silicon carbide powder). The transition from goethite to hematite.

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The reaction is reversible, and the direction and rate of the reaction depends on the conditions used in the test(white fused alumina for refractory). Under high caustic concentration and low temperature conditions, as long as solid hematite is absent. The stability of goethite in solution decreases with increasing isomorphic substitution value(low sodium white fused alumina). The reason is that the solution is strongly adsorbed on the surface of finely dispersed particles of goethite and bauxite.

The calculated activation energy at 150 ° C is about 209kJ / mol(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). The conversion rate at 175 ° C is higher than the conversion rate at 150 ° C. Because there is sufficient thermal energy at 175 ° C to form hematite nuclei by itself, in the presence of solid hematite seeds(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit), the activation energy of the reaction is reduced to About 96.14kJ / mol, so in the presence of seeds, the conversion of goethite to hematite is more likely to occur.

Goethite is often replaced with monohydrate gibbsite(white aluminum oxide grit). Fe in goethite is replaced by A1 to form a goethite composition Fe1-Al-OOH. The highest atomic substitution value is 0.33, which can form Feo.67Alo.33OOH aluminate(white aluminium oxide super fine). According to the data, goethite and gibbsite belong to the same space group, and the goethite lattice constants a = 4.59, b = 10.0, and c = 3.03; 9.42, c = 2.84, a-FeOOH will precipitate in its original form.

The aluminum ions displace the iron ions in the goethite and enter the goethite lattice, forming the goethite(brown fused alumina). Al2O3 in goethite is difficult to dissolve under conventional high-pressure dissolution conditions (230 ~ 240 ° C). At the same time, goethite has high dispersibility, which in turn makes the sedimentation and compression properties of red mud worse, which in turn causes alkali(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). And the loss of liquid alumina.

If goethite [FeOOH] and goethite [Fe (Al) O0H] are present in the bauxite(brown aluminum oxide), the dispersion is high and the specific surface area is large, then there is another disadvantageous situation that is to reduce the sedimentation rate of red mud And compression speed, increasing alkali loss(silicon carbide grit). The conversion of goethite to hematite is generally considered to take place in two steps: dissolution of goethite and settlement of hematite.

As a result of this situation, isomorphic substitution is easy to occur during mineralization(brown aluminium oxide). Goethite can also be converted into hematite, the conversion rate is related to the temperature of the solution and the amount of aluminum replaced by aluminum a16(green silicon carbide powder). Increasing the temperature allows the finely dispersed goethite to be transformed into hematite with angles greater than about 10um and well crystallized.

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